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Remember that healing is all about frequency, and that these products carry the frequencies of healing of the issues, tissues, and ancestral DNA patterns inherent in each chakra.

I have found that using them significantly speeds the clearing and healing process.
and vibrating at a rate that allows light and energy to come into the body from Source.  This light energy brings health to our cells, our organs, and our emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being.

These chakras also connect and flow around the body, creating the aura.  An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds, penetrates and extends through the physical body.  It consists of varying types of intelligent vibrations or frequencies.  This matrix system of energy or light continues to flow from one human to another, and is part of the gridwork that connects all as one.  There are at least 12 chakras within the human body, with their corresponding auric levels.  Each has its physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual function and purpose,  individually, and working together as a whole. 

Our human energy system is created with auric matrix levels and chakras that regulate, maintain and manager our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being on the physical plane.  These chakra centers are connected to multidimensional aspects of ourselves and the universe.

We are made up of electromagnetic fields that vibrate at different frequencies to make up our auric levels and chakra centers.

Auras have the ability to respond to challenges or opportunities.  Through the auric matrix, we can access and reframe the cause of a disease, mental problem, belief system, feeling, DNA issue, relationship problem, career or money issue, or spiritual block.  By balancing, strengthening and connecting our auric matrix, we create good self care in all levels and dimensions.

Chakra/Aura Clearing is like combing your mind, body and soul with a fine-toothed comb, enhancing grounding, balance and clarity on all layers and levels to assist one in achieving optimum health and wholeness.

Sharlene explains that a chakra, which means "wheel of light" is an energy vortex that ideally is revolving
In my quest for understanding, I had read a LOT about how chakras, and all they entail, affect and effect our lives.
I had read all of Carolyn Myss's work, especially enjoying her Sacred Contracts, which seemed to be a compilation of all her previous works, finally making all the connections introduced in Anatomy of a Spirit and Why People Don't Heal.  I had also read Cyndi Dale's New Chakra Healing, The Revolutionary 32-Center Energy System. 

Having READ all that, I found putting it to work harder than reading and comprehending.  (Anyone who has read Carolyn Myss knows she is not a light read!)  Imagine how excited I was, then, to find that Sharlene Young, daughter of the founder of Rapid Eye Technology, Ranae Johnson, had compiled all that information and MORE, and then chunked it down into a Rapid Eye Session for each of the TWELVE (actually encompassing 32) chakras.

In speaking with Sharlene, I learned that she had not read any of these things, that she had been directed NOT to read books at all, until she had received this information from Spirit.  Having received the information, she then read these materials, and more, and found confirmation and understanding of concepts that she had previously only intuited.  Charlene Young told me that she is so grateful for such authors as Cyndi Dale, Debbie Shapiro, Carolyn Myss and Donna Eden, for they confirm and further explain what she has been given directly in working with clients, using Rapid Eye Technology, and in her research of how the organs, the energetics, the auras, the DNA patterns, the developmental stages, the mind-body connections, the issues inherent in all life drama, etc.,  all fit together.

Sharlene Young is my shero.  I honor and applaud her ability to receive such profound, healing, connective and integrating  information with such clarity, and to apply it with such efficacy.  I am honored to feel that I can share in her ability to see, apply, and teach the benefits of Rapid Eye Technology as it helps to clear energy patterns from our minds, our bodies, our spirits and our hearts.

A one-year directed  course of therapeutic study, which involves clearing all pertinent issues of mind, body, and soul, in the 12 chakras and auras, as well as reframing and learning new life skills to facilitate new choices and directions in one's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and development.
Clearing your 12 Chakras and Auric Fields is like combing your mind, body, heart and spirit with a fine-toothed comb.  It enhances grounding, balance and clarity on all layers and levels, to assist one in achieving optimum health, 'wellth', and wholeness.
~ Julia