11th Chakra Clearing
Flower & Gemstone  Essence Blend
Formulated by Kjerstina Agne’
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For Giving (Acacia) For Giving and Receiving o
Worthiness For giving and for receiving gracefully.  This essence reminds us to give and receive from the heart to assist in moving into the frequency of forgivingness.  For forgiving yourself and for Giving to yourself.  It has multiple other uses that are revealing themselves.  Allergies can be released
through the acacia flower essence.  Know that you are perfect.

Ancient Wisdom o Discover Soul Purpose o Truth o Dreams   Enhances awareness and openness to the wisdom of the ancients that is returning. Important dream essence.  This essence aids in opening the chakra at the back of the neck to
allow information to come in so that we can remember ancient truths and remember who we are….Assists in discovering soul purpose.  Awaken to your divine potential.
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Chakra Eleven Overview

Location: Palms of hands and soles of feet
Life Skill:  Choice and Accountability
Color:  Pink
Crystal:  Lepidolite
Element:  Water
Body:  Transforms and eliminates energy
Young Living Essential OilsValor or Envision on the palms of hand, and sole of foot; Smell Thyme.
Age Developed:  42-49

Key words and phrases to use in meditation and journaling

The Eleventh Chakra takes in elemental or emotional energy in the outside world and converts it into energy needed by the physical or emotional body to respond to any given situation.  For instance, we can soak in energy from a rain storm or from an angry person, and use it to act appropriately to the climactic emergency or dangerous person.  What energies are you surrounded with that affect your being?  At home?  At work?  On the road?

Critical malfunctions may occur if the eleventh chakra is not activated or is injured.  Injury may occur through DNA patterns brought forth to experience, and/or physical or emotional injuries.

Herein is the ability of giving and receiving.  If this is out of balance, your emotions, as well as any physical injuries to the hands or feet,  will affect the functioning of this chakra.    A common example of this would be someone who enjoys giving and resists receiving.  How is your personal ratio of receiving vs. giving?

Critical malfunction may be the inability to filter others' negative energy from our own body, and thereby we become a toxic dump site.  Is there someone in your life who constantly "dumps" on you?  Are you capable of seeing the difference between your "stuff" and theirs?   Ask yourself; what is your ability to respond  in relation to that?Inability to release unnecessary energetic waste from our feet can fill up the lower part of our body causing us to dissociate into our higher chakras, resulting in spaciness, missing a safety signal, or otherwise not being aware of our physical world.  Do you find yourself floating through your days, not connected or grounded to what is happening in your day?  Can you feel your feet on the floor and the breath in your chest?

When we are unable to release our own energies out of the body, we create blocks and stay stuck in pain, resisting growth, limiting physical and psychic ability to affect or create change. What physical discomfort or disease troubles you?  As you describe that discomfort, look closely at the words used to do so; what is the bigger picture around the issues creating that physical situation?

The focus of the time period of the development of the 11th Chakra (42-49) is transmuting relationships in our external world into love.  It is said that there are two kinds of people in the world -- those you love, and those you don't understand.  Who in your life are you not understanding?  Who is not understanding you?  Within this age span, Chakra Eleven is activated and also Chakra Four; so when you are processing this age span, you want to process both the Eleventh and Fourth chakras.

During this age span is the only time the Eleventh Chakra is the main theme or energy center of focus.  The Fourth Chakra contains beliefs about relationships, love, hearts' desire and principles such as giving and receiving. All physical functions and systems are refined in this chakra.

Eleventh Auric Level:  The Eleventh Auric Level is an extension of the Eleventh Chakra.  This auric level is not limited to the space around the hands and feet; it extends beyond to spiritual energy points.

It brings external energy into the body and transforms it into usable energy.  This level assists in healing and bringing in the awareness of what energy belongs to us and what energy belongs to others.

Through this auric level, your system can pull energy up from the very depths of the Earth and from the tips of Heaven.

Our bodies will physically experience that which we pull into them.
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Integration (Mutuy) Open & Clear Mind  Helps
balance your mental and emotional bodies in preparation
for emergence into 5th dimensional reality.  Pancreas, sweetness, self esteem.  Useful for integrating shifts.  Useful during chaotic times.

Lepidolite (Light Opaque Purple)  Opens one to universal light o Acceptance. Good during transitions.  Facilitates astral travel.  Enhances awareness of well-being.  Helps in business with communication, diplomacy, openness, honesty. Helps stabilize ley lines and tectonic plates.  Aligns energies in gardening and agricultural activities.  Smooths skin.  Trust in life and understand your life purpose..

Rose Quartz  Purification of emotional body. o Self Love o All Love Confidence, personal expression.  Gentle.. Acceptance and Forgiveness.  Weight Loss – Lighten UP!

Yellow Cat’s Eye Angelic Connection.  Helps to Align with our higher selves.  Raises the vibration of our solar plexus.  Promotes positive thinking.  Aids in connection to the realm of the Masters.

Be Nurtured (White Ceanothus) Mother’s Milk  Nature refers to this flower as "Mother’s Milk" with its white flowers spilling over.  It is filled with the energy of the divine mother.  You feel safe and nurtured.  You are surrounded with an abundance of love.  This essence is especially goof for children, and
for addressing mothering and mother issues.