One Heart (Epidendrum Cuscoense)  Acceptance o Love o Unity   This essence
addresses the merging and balance of male/female including both sides of
yourself.  It is about oneness, unity, unconditional love.  This essence will assist the pioneer relationships that are happening, relationships that defy definition, that are beyond language, by moving us into a frequency to accept the paradigm shift in our perception of relationships, and into the frequency of unconditional love.  Revel in the ecstasy of Being Love, of re-union.  An excellent essence to share with groups.  It immediately unifies people into the high frequency of love space.
Integration (Mutuy Orchid)  Open & Clear Mind  Helps balance your mental and emotional bodies in preparation for emergence into 5th dimensional reality.  Pancreas.  Sweetness.  Self esteem.  Useful for integrating shifts.  Useful during chaotic times.
Citrine (Yellow) Solar Plexus Chakra.  Jesus came to overlight this essence, to help us prepare for greater spirituality as the citrine helps open our inner sight and hearing.  The citrine essence enhances concentration, clears old thought patterns, and is a bridge to access the divine.  It is useful for intellectual communication and balances the rational mind.  It is about sovereignty, courage, confidence, self esteem.  The sunlight it represents is uplifting and helps us to recognize beauty and joy.
GOAL:  To feel respect for self and others, outgoing, cheerful, skillful, intelligent, on correct life path, physically active, relaxed, sponatanous.

IMBALANCES:  Depression, lack of self-esteem, excessive concern for others' opinons, confusion, fear of loneliness, feeling controlled by others OR
judgmental, perfectionistic, workaholic, difficulty relaxing, overly intellectual, demanding, resentful of authority.
3rd Chakra Clearing
Flower & Gemstone Essences
Formulated by Kjerstina Agne’
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Solar Plexus Chakra Bracelet

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Personal Power .
In crystal lore, these stones symbolize and hold the frequency of these attributes:

CITRINE:  personal power, expression of your unique gift, confidence, concentration, insight leading to personal development, warmth, relaxation.

TIGEREYE:  attracts material wealth, counters selfishness, persistence, willpower to tune with others, courage, strength, soothes worry.

RUTILE QUARTZ:  wisdom, intuition, counters depression, stimulates intellect, warmth, connection with Divine guidance.

ARAGONITE:  spiritual knowledge, concentration, clarity, counters over-intellectualizing, truth, joy

MOTHER OF PEARL: calmness, modesty, self-acceptance, protection
Chakra Three Overview

Location: Solar Plexus, just above navel.
Life Skill:  The Principle of Cause & Effect
Color:  Yellow       Crystal:  Citrine     
Element:  Fire
Body:  Stomach, Pancreas, Spleen, Adrenals, Upper Intestines, Gallbladder, Liver, Navel, Middle Spine 
Oils:  Fennel & Juniper layered on bottom archway of feet; Harmony right above the navel
Age Developed: 2 1/2 – 4 1/2
Activated: 16-17 
Re-activated: 35-42, 70-77

Key words and phrases to use with  meditation/journaling

Front: Individual identity, developing self esteem, and how we feel about ourselves.  Stores & implements bias, judgments, prejudices about ourselves and others.

Affects thinking processes, intuition and attitudes linking the mind and body.  How do things work? How do people react to me?  How powerful am I?

Immediate relationships and environment affect our opinions about ourselves & others esp. in regard to personal power.  Do I respect myself? What is my quality of life, capacity to succeed in business, relationships, healing, intuitive process?  Do I make healthy choices/decisions?  Do I trust my gut?
Do I have low self-esteem?

Attract relationships to reflect and re-enforce that?

Hard time "digesting" life?

Do I draw energy from Mom or from Source? Highly criticized as child?  Still?

Do I have a critical parent raging inside?

Am I fully grounded? 

Connected to my true identity through my experiences of work, relationship and life styles?

Am I fulfilling my highest purpose? 

Am I connected to my source?

Back Side:  Intellectual patterns, knowledge of things seen and unseen. 

Drive for achievement open?

Here we can heal judgments, falsehoods & incorrect assumptions and allow our drive for success to work for, not against us.

Metabolic center of body, affects our general energy level and drive. 

What are my beliefs regarding success, will and drive; my relationship to the external world? 

What is my level of prejudice?


  Tolerance for violence, war?

Do I have spiritual doubt?

3rd Auric Level:  Commonly called the mental body.  Contains our own unique inborn and acquired intellectual abilities and gifts.

  Determines how we mentally process and model judgments and prejudice. 

Mental auric body actually expands outward from third chakra to link with the mental bodies of others.

Associated with contracts/data needed to complete higher purpose/daily functions. 

Our conscious intelligence is much more than our brain.  During REM sleep we process all data of the day, and release energy, toxins from every pore of our skin, eyes, and mouth.

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