Tailbone, survival issues

GOAL:  To feel centered, grounded, vital, safe, affectionate, sexual, self control.
IMBALANCES:  Lack of confidence, fear, fatigue, weakness, spaciness, self-destructiveness OR agression, greed, egotism, pain.

In crystal lore, these stones symbolize, and carry the frequencies of:

Connection with the power of earth, stability, confidence, stamina

GARNET: Drive, courage, strength, sexuality, love

Endurance, purpose, patience, self-reliance.

OBSIDIAN:  Grounding, connection with body, protection, releasing anger, negativity & grief.

Strength, vigor, stress-resistance, optimism, will
Ingredients of Flower and Gemstone
First Chakra Clearing Essence
formulated by Kjerstina Agne’
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Pure Joy (Orange Blossom) I am SO Joyous! ~ Renewed Enthusiasm  This essence takes you an octave higher than wherever you are.  Abounding excitement and enthusiasm.  When used in conjunction with other essences, it will give them a boost.  Great in party punches.  Mix Balance and Stability and Pure Joy instead of a cocktail.  Be happy for no reason.
Ruby Red ° Root Chakra ~ Ruby keeps the lower chakras open so energy can move up.  It may activate kundalini (in a balanced manner).   Mother Mary has infused her energy into this essence, which has a profound effect on the heart,
strengthening the spiritual heart.  Ruby is about mastery and love of self.    Ruby teaches you and opens you to the infinite source of divine love.  It raises the vibration of the physical body.  Ruby gives us courage to express our
highest potential.  It energizes the physical being and emancipates creative energy devoted to our highest aspects.  Ruby is the soul and heart connected ~  expressing love in action.
Chakra One Overview

Location:  Base of Spine
Life Skill:  The Principle of Thought
Color:  Red        Crystal: Bloodstone        Element:  Earth
Essential Oils:  Patchouli, Sandalwood (layered on heel of both feet)  Harmony on backside at the base of spine)
Organs:  Suprarenal gland, adrenal gland, spine, kidneys, circulatory, skin, reproductive, sciatic nerve
Age Developed:  0-6 months  
Reactivated: 14-15, 21-28, 56-63, 70-77

Key words and phrases to use in  meditation and journaling:

Front Side:  Governs whole lower half of the body, from the base of the spine to the soles of the feet

Spiritual fire that manifests matter

Survival, basic survival instincts, primal feelings,

Basic family programming, decisions about right and will to survive

Tactile; sense, touch, feel.
Regulates our physical existence, needs, addictions, sexuality, passion, money, housing, food, clothing, loving relationships. 

Tribal (family or DNA patterns, group identity, group force, group will power and group belief patterns

Vortex of energy that creates the needs to eat, sleep, seek shelter and protection, aware of danger

Overactive, causes one to be self-centered, selfish, aggressive, manic, overactive, nervous and self-indulgent

Underfunctioning:   depressed, deny basic care, survival needs and be out of touch with physical body.  Feelings of barely surviving, or stuck in survival (vs. thriving) Miser

Need for logic, order and structure
Orients us in time and space to 5 senses
Trouble interpreting symbols, as opposed to literal perceptions and taking things at face value.

Back Side:  Located in a lower frequency dimension; contains all beliefs and experiences regarding rights to manifest, create and flourish on physical plane; core belief systems that reflect all natures of our being

Ideally, upward rhythmic flow of red energy  opens us up to passions, drive and desires.

  Healed, receive all energies to actualize or physical dreams and needs.  Heal physical issues including addictions, blood diseases and inherited problems.

When open, we experience abundance, complete health, worthiness and a belief in our own sacredness.  This lower frequency dimension is in the universal pool of physical matter from which all life springs!.

Holds DNA patterns, regulates body chemical balance in reactions to beliefs about being deserving and worthy.

1st Auric Level:  Skin, deals with basic security or safety, protection and boundary issues or skin & appearance issues.

Fluorite (Purple Rainbow) Clarity.  Helps clear blockages and congestion so your consciousness can expand.  Heightens spiritual experiences.  Connects mind to spirit instantly.  Works on brain waves to open up to new energies descending to earth.  Sinuses, relieves congestion.

Andara Champagne, or Camelot holds the energy of joy and wonder, works with lungs, heart and solar plexus.  This essence was made in Cayucos CA, 10/27/04, the day of a magical solar eclipse.

Bloodstone (Green, Red, Burnt Orange)  Overall strengthener.  Stimulates energy flow.  Directs healing forces to area of disharmony to restore health.  Purifier.  Good in baths, flow of earthy energy.  Psychic protection. Provides one with a grounding and centering energy in the heart.  Fosters self respect, trust, loyalty. Strengthens veins, fortifies blood, lungs, rashes.

Faith & Courage  (Odontoglossum orchid) ~ Protection ~ Creates a frequency around you so that nothing disruptive can enter your field.  This protection essence is like having a powerful yet gentle watchdog at the outer edges of your etheric body.  Take this essence frequently when you feel vulnerable in order to build up a field of protection, or when you feel you want more faith and courage.  Excellent to use in hospitals, courthouses, freeways, and with all kinds of healing modes, as well as for interdimensional protection.

Eternal Youth (Epidendrum Ibaguense) Rejuvenation  Regenesis  This is called the Winay Wayna Orchid, which means forever young in Quechua.  It promotes rejuvenation by retraining our cells to remember the frequency of life, and by raising our frequency into a place beyond disease and aging, into super health and youthing.  It is also good for regaining our childlike qualities.  A few drops every day are recommended.  Put some in your drinking water.  This essence is good to get on the skin.  It is especially good in the bath.  It is an important ingredient in our Angel Rejuvenation Spray.  Addresses Homesickness..

Magic Healer (Plantain) Accelerated Healing  A catalyst for healing the body – especially skin related issues.  Aligns body, mind, spirit.  Use alone or to boost other modalities.  Works like magic to accelerate healing.  Use on plants to balance insect population.
Root Chakra Bracelet
Designed by Barbara Neuman ~
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