Chakra Twelve Overview

Location:  In the body and aura connected to each of the 32 points with the twelfth chakra
Life Skill:  Choice and Accountability
Color:  Subtle translucent colors containing all colors
Crystal:  Moldavite
Element:  Metal
Body: Transforms and eliminates energy
Young Living Essential Oils:  Smell Frankincense, use Awaken or Inspiration on the bottoms of the feet, Dream Catcher on the crown chakra, White Angelica on the shoulders.
Age Developed:  49-56

Key words and phrases to use in meditation and journaling

Our ability to have our secondary chakra system activated and open allows more of our spiritual essence to enter the physical body.  The 32nd secondary chakra is in the center of the Earth and belongs uniquely to each individual energy system.  Being fully connected to this point in the center of the Earth is a major factor in accepting and utilizing our spiritual essence and allow our physical survival to tap into certain Earth elements.

The focus of this time period is about bringing in wholeness and unconditional love into being human.  Within this age span Chakra Twelve is activated and also Chakra Five so when you are processing this age span you want to process both the Twelfth and the Fifth chakras.  During this age span is the only time the Twelfth Chakra is the main theme or energy center of focus.  The Fifth Chakra is where we hold issues about self worth, responsibility, and the right to manifest and communicate our needs and beliefs to others.  It stores our frustration, pride, disillusionments and grandeurs.

1.  Legs
2.  Buttocks
3.  Coccyx
4.  Sacral vertebrae
5. Lumbar vertebrae
6.  Thoracic (dorsal) vertebrae
7.  Cervical vertebrae
8.  Cranium
9.  Silver cord to the soul
10.  Bubbling springs in the feets
11.  Ankles
12.  Knees
13.  Thighs
14.  Hip bones
15.  The navel and sexual organs
16.  The appendix
17.  Kidneys and adrenals
18.  Large and small intestines
19.  Pancreas
20.  Liver
21.  Gallbladder
22.  Spleen
23.  Stomach
24.  Diaphragm
25.  Arms
26.  Bubbling springs in palms
27.  Wrists
28.  Elbows
29.  Clavicle
30.  Throat, larynx, thyroid, tongue
31.  Upper brain (spiritual orientated functions, cerebrum, pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus, and thalamaus glands.
32. Center of the Earth

Twelfth Auric Level:  The twelfth auric level binds the twelfth chakra which is a collection of secondary chakra points.  These points connect outside the body through a series of fibers with another glowing energy forming a mesh of atoms that I perceive to be the gridwork that moves and connects us to our source, our spiritual beginnings.

Working with this level calling in spiritual energy for people will instantly bring in healing energy to the body and work with all the secondary chakras at once.
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SEA OPAL (glass):


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12th Chakra Clearing
Flower & Gemstone Essence Blend
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Master Teacher (Chiri Sanango) Perfect Temperature o Expansion ~ Considered a master plant in the jungles of Peru ~ meaning it teaches you.  It can connect
you with the Overlighting Deva of Healing.  It is about expansion and about temperature regulation (many report "power surges", i.e. hot flashes, have disappeared while using this essence, and on the other side, cold extremities warm
up).  This essence will direct you and teach you new things.

Yellow Sapphire o Gold o Halo ChakraThe Yellow Sapphire that brings in the gold light from the halo above the
head is about cosmic truth and love for others.  For the wise counselor who brings warmth, nourishment, empathy and inspiration for one’s brothers and sisters.
The instinctive nature is of service.  It is beautiful to share.  Gold is a master teacher, teaching through grace so you can express your soul'’ beauty in words, thoughts and communications.  Love radiates from gold.  The band of Kumara Angels infused this yellow sapphire essence, there is wisdom, exultation, illumination and Christ-like qualities.
Moldavite (Transparent, dark green) Zing, Galactic, Extraterrestrial Telepathic Qualities Enhanced.  Facilitates direct interdimensional access – move among the dimensions.  Remember your origin o Life on other planets.  Be more comfortable on the earth.  Look through the heart.  Brotherhood, sisterhood, access galactic energies..  Asthma, toxin sensitivity, thymus, emotional sensitivity, epilepsy.  Honest.  Embrace change.

White Spinel (clear) ~ Ammaji (the hugging Guru) carries this frequency.  Helps to create a clear background on the mirror of mind, and amplifies attention given there to any issue or thoughtform held.  Synthesis and connection of
the energy of all chakras. Visions, mysticism.  Furthers communication.

White Agate Mild, swanlike.  Wholeness, Equality, Purity, Innocence.  Compassion.  Smooths out the edges. Allows for turning inward and fully becoming present in the here and now.  Gives a sense of wholeness & promotes a state of
equality.  Brings clarity to see that everything is as it is.  Good for yoga.

Pink Coral Stimulates sensitivity.  A great emotional balancer.  Activates heart chakra and enhances intuitive aspects of love.  Heals the emotional powerhouse within.  Helps to release toxins.