Awakened Thymus (Erythrodes) High Heart o Graciousness  This special essence helps to filter and convert 5th Dimensional Energy to make it more easily acceptable to the human body.  It is useful for telepathy  and connecting to 3rd and 6th chakras.  The thymus, being between the heart and the throat, empowers loving communication.  There is soul awareness.  The thymus is also called the "high heart".  Useful when healing with voice and sound. (On the physical plane, the thymus relates to the immune system).

Aventurine Strength, physical healing, greater wellness, strengthens all organs beginning with the weakest.  Eyesight, creative visualization.  Stabilizes heart. Soothes physical and emotional heart pain.  Emotional security.  Loves adventures.

Turmeline (Light Blue)   Assists one in relating to others in a loving manner.  Brings true impressions. Great for upper part of head.  Allows for relief of headaches.

Andara Champagne, or Camelot holds the energy of joy and wonder, works with lungs, heart and solar plexus.  This essence was made in Cayucos CA, 10/27/04, the day of a magical solar eclipse.
Lower Abdomen, Sexuality, Creativity

GOAL:  To feel intimacy, energy, openness, self-awareness, creativity, optimism, caring, to release & cleanse emotions.

IMBALANCES: Over-sensitivity
shyness, self-negation, repressed emotions, guilt, distrust or exposive emotions, poor emotional boundaries, over indul-gence manipulation, self-delusion, aggressiveness.
Riverstone ~ Sweet Surrender The Riverstone Essence is a very important essence made during the Harmonic Concordance. It is about flexibility - in all respects. Go with the flow of life... Experience the joy of the present. This essence reminds us of the inevitable cycles: the cyclical nature of the universe, the impermanence of everything, and acceptance of the changes. During cycles things sometimes disintegrate in order to make room for new things. (You can easily recognize this in Nature.) This essence helps allow the present moment to be. There is a state of grace.  Ease. Lightness.  Peace.  We can choose any moment to be the best moment ever. It is about the cycles of water, the cycles of life.

Faith & Courage  (Odontoglossum) Protection  Creates a frequency around you so that nothing disruptive can enter your field.  This protection essence is like having a powerful yet gentle watchdog at the outer edges of your etheric body.  Take this essence frequently when you feel vulnerable in order to build up a field of protection, or when you feel you want more faith and courage.  Excellent to use in hospitals, courthouses, freeways, and with all kinds of healing modes, as well as for interdimensional protection.

Sacred Union (Maxillaria) Oneness  Addresses integrated sacred sexuality.  It is a vibrational catalyst to move you to a new level of heavenly union, with yourself, with a partner.  Rejoice in joyful fulfillment conjoined to make one
soul, one body in love, which gives joy to the divine presence.  This love in itself is an instrument for peace in the world.  Be zealous to enjoy this joy.  Very nice to take in conjunction with One Heart.

Carnelian (Orange) Sacral Chakra  The carnelian increases access to prana by clearing energy paths.  It gives us motivation and vitality.  Shakti and Sai Baba came to infuse their energy into this essence, which stimulates and
awakens the creative force and helps us focus on our goals.  It magnetizes harmonious thoughts.  Orange Carnelian enhances attunement with the inner self and it grounds energy into the physical.

Sacral Chakra Bracelet
Designed by Barbara Neuman
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2nd Chakra Clearing Flower & Gemstone Essences
Formulated by  Kjerstina Agne’
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$20.00 + $5.00 s/h
In crystal lore, these stones symbolize, and carry the frequencies of:

CARNELIAN:  sexual energy, relaxation, grounding in the present, confidence, vitality, creativity.

AMBER:  dispersing negativity, success in family & business matters, altruism, stability

CITRINE:  awareness  & control of mind and emotions, energy, self-esteem, abundance, cheerful-ness.

PEACH MOONSTONE:  emotional balance, harmonious relationships, softened ego, nurturing & tolerance, countering jealousy & anger.

TIGER EYE:  confidence, endurance, balanced sexual energy, tuning into the others' feelings, insight, countering, stubbornness.
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Chakra Two Overview

Location: Abdomen, just below navel
Life Skill:    The Principle of Perception
Color:  Orange      Crystal:  Carnelian
Element:  Fire
Body:  Sexual and reproductive organs, ovaries and prostate glands, kidneys, large intestines, appendix, bladder
Oils:  Patchouli, Sandalwood (on the heel of both feet, layered) Harmony or Acceptance (just below the navel)
Age Developed 6 months to 2 1/2
Activated:  15-16 
Re-activated 28-35, 70-77, 77-85

Key words and phrases to use with  meditation and journaling:

Front: Awareness of feelings/right to express them - Gender roles

Relationship – to trust or not ourselves and others
Center of feelings and creativity

Appetite for sensation, sound, touch, smell, sight or taste - Governs whole pelvic area

Shifts from obedience to tribal/family authority to other relationships to satisfy personal and physical needs

Separation from mother – how did she respond, and father support separation?

relationship skills – jealousy? Betrayal? Fear of intimacy?

Sexual energy out of control? self-control? 

Feminine life force;

activate feeling bodies?  or numb and disconnect?  Choice is made here

growth motor skills ~ owning of our own body
ability to motivate our own body
development of sexuality

root of right to be creative and expressive

Can I earn a living? 

Find a partner,

create joy?

Fear of rape, abandonment, poverty, isolation, betrayal, inability to take care of ourselves.

Link of emotional/mental processes

Under-functioning = lack of creativity, repetition of dysfunctional relationships, unmotivated, lack of sex drive, impotency, cutoff or numbed feelings

Over-functioning = workaholic, domineering energy (run people off), nymphonamia, greedy pursuit of pleasure, addiction as substitute for love, many projects begun, few accomplished

Back: Feelings about self in relation to wholistic universe

Emotionalism, stress, compulsiveness, relationship ills, creative blocks, small back pains
Transform feelings into energy

Holds higher purpose for our life’s journey; soul’s belief about life’s meaning/meaninglessness, hope/ less, good/bad, emptiness/existence, self/all, other dualities experienced in physical

2nd Auric Level:  Feeling body.  Feelings express our truths and cleanse our auric field.