8th Chakra Clearing
Flower & Gemstone Essence Blend
Formulated by Kjerstina Agne’
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Inner Guru (Purple Sage)  Inner Guidance o Higher Self o Individuality ~ Purple Sage helps access that part of you that knows the answers; the sage within.
Be your own guru.  Make your own decisions easily.

Purple Rainbow Fluorite  o Clarity.
Helps clear blockages and congestion so your consciousness can expand.  Heightens spiritual experiences.  Connects mind to spirit instantly.  Works on brain waves to open up to new energies descending to earth.  Sinuses.  Relieves
8th Chakra - Akashic Records
Designed by Barbara Neuman ~
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Bracelets are $25.00 plus $5.00 s/h, mailed to:  Barbara Neuman

Goal:  Access to all we have ever experienced as recorded in the Akashik Records.

IMBALANCES:  Attracting others' stuff, difficulty separating your issues from others; recreating habitual processes in which we get stuck; fear of relationships; fear of abandonment (clinging)  or fear of engulfment (fear of commitment)


HEMATITE: A stone for the mind; helps one sort out things in one's mind; used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking, and technical knowledge
Location: About 6 inches above head, it is perceived as a flat disc.
Life Skill: Cause and Effect
Color:  Silver or Ultraviolet
Crystal:  Azeztulite        Element:  Metal
Body:  Other dimensions / Connected to our feeling, thinking and expressing our divine purpose.
Young Living Essential Oils:Acceptance or 3 Wisemen put in palms and put in auric field 6 inches above the head.
Age Developed: 21-28

Key words and phrases to use with meditation/journaling

To feel the eighth chakra, hold your left palm face up on the top of your head and slowly move your hand upward until you feel energy or a flat disc shape.

The Akashic records, the books upon which is recorded all of what we have ever done or said in this lifetime or others is held in the eighth chakra. Because of this we can gain access to anything in our past about ourselves or others there.  We can journey into any place that exists in the presence, or in other dimensions, and probe into the future.

This chakra is rich in information about our karma/DNA and the slate of issues we have come to work out and learnings we seek to aquire.  Because we record in this chakra information about others and their roles in our lives, it is here that we can find many of the cords (energy trails) which currently affect us.

If this chakra center is under functioning, you may feel like a sponge, that attracts all of everybody's stuff and sticks to you, making it difficult to separate your issues from others.

A fully functioning eighth chakra will allow us to say "I am feeling, thinking and lovingly expressing y vision of a divine purpose in a timely manner."  This chakra regulates our destiny points, the decision our soul made before we were born regarding life events.  Also the place in which we can change these decisions.

The age the chakra is developed, between 21-28, is the time period where DNA and relationship patterns that we came to heal are addressed.  The people that come into our life during this time span are mirroring exactly what we need to look at to heal these patterns.  Within this age span, Chakra One is reactivated and so when you are processing this age span, you want to process both the Eighth and the First Chakras.

During this age span is the only time the Eighth Chakra is the main theme or energy center of focus.  The First Chakra is the basic programming of our family and through this family programming how we make decisions about our right and will to survive.

Eighth Auric Level relates to the eighth chakra which holds the past, present and future time with regard to our experiences within time.  This may be where all those de-ja-vue' feelings are experienced.  The eighth auric level connects to the top of our head and then spreads around our body attaching to the secondary chakras front and back (secondary chakras are covered in chakra 12)

It keeps us both in the moment and provides the present time with context.  This level also is used for prediction, memory recall and transformation in regard to the past, present and future.  This energy level more than any other is a complete system unto itself.

The eighth level connects with or holds the state and information where we existed just prior to enetering this lifetime, and or DNA lifetimes.  Accessing this level can be extremely enlightening and assist us in shifting negative patterns that are not in our current best interest.  In this eighth auric level, current DNA patterns can be accessed to assist in shifting and healing current patterns that no longer serve your highest and greatest good. Soul contracts are held in this level.
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Eighth Chakra Overview
LABORADORITE: protects one's aura, helps to keep the aura clear, balanced, protected, and free from energy leaks.  Assists in the alignment of subtle bodies, enhancing the connection between the physical and ethereal realms.  Assists one to traverse changes, attracting strengths and perseverenceSILVER:  A mirror to the soul, one to stimulate seeing oneself from outside the body.  Provides one with patience and perseverence in tasks chosen, and allows one to understand the reason for the tasks.  Assists in increasing perception and helps to regulate the emotional and the intuitive energies.  Provides for a very strong connection between the physical and astral bodies; tends to strengthen the "silver cord" which connects the astral body to the physical body, diminishing unconsious fear of inability to return from astral travels.

TANZANITE:  (yep, the chips) Stimulates the throat, the third eye and the crown chakras; brings together all aspects of both communication and psychic power, allowing the useer to adequately communicate visions.  Can abe used to stimulate the crown chakra to produce visions of the higher spiritual realms.

All descriptions are taken from the book:  Love is in the Earth by Melody (no last name given)

Lepidolite (Light Opaque Purple)  Opens one to universal light o Acceptance. Good during transitions.  Facilitates astral travel.  Enhances awareness of
well-being.  Helps in business with communication, diplomacy, openness, honesty. Helps stabilize ley lines and tectonic plates.  Aligns energies in gardening and agricultural activities.  Smooths skin.  Trust in life and understand your life purpose.

Andara Champagne, or Camelot holds the energy of Joy and Wonder, works with lungs, heart and solar plexus.  This essence was made in Cayucos CA, 10/27/04, the day of a magical solar eclipse.

Selenite (Translucent white/clear)  Expand awareness of your surroundings o Access possible future lives.  Provides energy to promote justice during
disputes.  Gives strength to decisions.  Use directly on the spinal column for alignment and flexibility with muscular structure.  Lifespan extension.  Advancement of mental powers.  Clear, telepathic communication with like-minded people

Riverstone ~ Sweet Surrender The Riverstone Essence is a very important essence made during the Harmonic Concordance. It is about flexibility - in all respects. Go with the flow of life... Experience the joy of the present. This essence reminds us of the inevitable cycles: the cyclical nature of the universe, the impermanence of everything, and acceptance of the changes. During cycles
things sometimes disintegrate in order to make room for new things. (You can
easily recognize this in Nature.) This essence helps allow the present moment to be. There is a state of grace. Ease. Lightness. Peacefulness. We can choose
any moment to be the best moment ever. It is about the cycles of water, the cycles of life.