10th Chakra Clearing
Flower & Gemstone Essence Blend
Formulated by Kjerstina Agne’
(805) 481-0468

Rainbow Obsidian (black w/purple, green, etc. sheen) ~ Safety in any situation.  Brings gratification and joy to one’s life.  Perception of one’s own spirituality.  Enlightenment. Gratifying relationships.  Ceremonies with Mother Earth, Stomach, Grounding

Snowflake Obsidian (black with white/grey)
Stone of purity and balance. Allows one to recognize unnecessary patterns.  Promotes sensitivity to both love and beauty.  Great intestinal tract.

Citrine (yellow) ~ Jesus came to overlight this essence, to help us prepare for greater spirituality as the citrine helps open our inner sight and hearing.
The citrine essence enhances concentration, clears old thought patterns, and is a bridge to access the divine.  It is useful for intellectual communication and balances the rational mind.  It is about sovereignty, courage, confidence and self-esteem.  The sunlight it represents is uplifting and helps us to recognize beauty and joy.
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Tenth Chakra Overview

Location:  1 to 1-1/2 ft. below your feet
Life Skill:  Choice and Accountability
Color: Earthtones, including citrine brown, mauve, rustic, limestone yellow, olive green, obsidian
Crystal:  Obsidian
Element:  Earth
Body: Feet, ankles, legs, adrenals, weight issues, avoidance issues, feeling spacy, paranoia, schizophrenia, neurosis or dissociation
Young Living Essential Oils:  Grounding essential oil on bottoms of feet, ankles, shins, around navel
Age Developed:  Pre-conception
Age Re-activated:  between 35-42 (midlife crisis)
Childhood Development Stage:  Birth and Pre-Birth

Key words and phrases to use in meditation and journaling

Created first - before we come into this lifetime.
All issues we came to experience in this lifetime - Holds all family issues
Critical components in uncovering abuse or abuse patterns
Weight issues
Avoidance issues, Dissociation from Self.
If Cut off from this Chakra - don't want to touch most painful thing we came here to process
Ungrounded, dizzy, confused about life purpose
Past lives, DNA, Generational belief systems  What are those in your life?  What family patterns continue to play out for you and your family of origin?  In your own family?  Personally?
Unexpressed feelings of self, parents, legacy and past lives
Tenth Chakra changes spiritual self into material form
Allows us to fully ground spiritual selves into life purpose - what is your life purpose?
Tenth Chakra is overseen by Ninth Chakra and Guides
Chooses genetic and psychic traits - what are they?  How do they define your life experience?
Emotional blockages may be programmed even before birth - what patterns play over and over in your life?  How do your birth circumstances continue to replay in your present life patterns?

Emotional patterns stemming from genetic lineage
Ungrounded, inability to deal with stress or cope with everyday realities
Difficulty separating our feelings and perceptions from those of others.
Vulnerable to psychic attack of any nature
Impossible to fulfill life's mission without grounding to 10th Chakra - What is your life mission?

Tenth Chakra acts as "earth lung" to breathe in elements needed by physical, emotional, chakra and auric systems.  What elements remain "needed" in your physical, emotional and spiritual aspects?  In other words, what is missing in your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

Wastes are eliminated and recyled into the ground.

Tenth Chakra locks all energies into the ground, anchoring those energies to allow your creative juices to flow, and your manifestation to materialize.  What energies of yours are not anchored?

How do you answer the questions:  Who am I?  Is this my highest purpose?  What IS my highest purpose?  Am I connected to my Source?

Tenth Auric Level:  Lies between the skin (1st auric level) and 2nd.  It integrates ancestral, DNA, gene pool to help us meet physical and psychological challenges.  Integrates life force energy and information, keeping all chakras aligned and locked into the ground.
Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste Longepetalia) Discover Soul Purpose o Truth o DreamsEnhances awareness and openness to the wisdom of the ancients that is returning. Important dream essence; aids in opening the chakra at the back of the neck to allow information to come in so that we can remember ancient truths and
remember who we are.  Assists in discovering soul purpose.  Awaken to your divine potential.  This essence has been found to be useful for areas of awareness in the base of the head. 

White Spinel (clear) ~ Ammaji (the hugging Guru) carries this frequency.  Helps to create a clear background on the mirror of mind, and amplifies attention given there to any issue or thoughtform held.  Synthesis and connection of the energy of all chakras. Visions, mysticism.  Furthers communication.