In crystal lore, these stones symbolize, and hold the frequency of the following attributes:

TURQUOISE: power in speech, spirituality in self-expression, appreciation of beauty, crativity, peace of mind, emotional balance, loyalty.

AMAZONITE:  aids in moving beyond self into spirit, protection during transitions, aligns the mental with the spiritual, upliftment, clear vision of one's problems leading to release.

BLUE LACE AGATE:  gentle expansion of consciousness, assists the introverted to come out to others in harmony, fluidity of expression, claming, wisdom, patience honesty.

CHRYSOCOLLA:  creative expression, joy, balance, unconditional love toward others, tolerance, forgiveness, perception, truth
Chakra Five Overview

Location: Center of throat.
Life Skill: Principle of Cause and Effect
Color:  Blue       
Crystal:  Aquamarine        
Element:  Water
Body: Throat, vocal cords, ears, thyroid gland, trachea, esophagus, parathyroid gland, hypothalamus, neck vertebrae, mouth, jaw, teeth.
Oils:  Sandalwood on bottom of big toes (where it connects to foot) Harmony layered in center of throat
Age Developed: 6 1/2 – 8 1/2 
Activated: 18-19 
Re-activated: 49-56, 85-92

Key words and phrases to use with meditation/journaling

Front: Do I have choice in my life?
In my family or tribe?
Personal or professional relationships?
Am I in control with money? Substances? Power? Emotions? Choice of profession?
Did I feel heard as a child? A teen? A young adult? A Spouse? In my work? 
Do I feel heard yet?
What would I have them hear? 
Do I have will power?  Personal power?  Power over others?  Do I overload or burden myself?  What were familiar painful phrases used in my childhood?  I’ll give you something to cry about; wipe that grin off your face; don’t hang on me; what do you want now?…etc.    How did my family communicate?  Mom & Dad? Parents to children?  Patterns of manipulation?  Tuned out?  Emotionally unavailable?  Arguing?  Put-downs? Sarcasm?  Pretending all was well?  Keep up appearances?  How was anger expressed?  Was it allowed?  Who got to be angry?  How did anger serve? Did it protect? Motivate?  What role did food play in your family?  Nourishing?  Stuffing?  Cover-up?  Shamed?  Available?  Fought over?  Enjoyable?

Back Side: How am I influenced by thoughts, ideas, concepts from other beings in other dimensions; ancestors; family skeletons.  Who is my spirit Guide, guardian angel, etc.?  Am I aware of, or in touch my "I Am Presence"?  What energetic contracts or energy cords are influencing my choices, thoughts, decisions or perceptions?  Mom/left side, Dad/right side, ….what do I find there in visualization?

5th Auric Level: 2 feet above and surrounding entire body:  Do I believe that what I can see, hear, feel or touch is all there is?  Have I shut down my intuitive knowingness?  Am I blocking dream states?  Do I make decisions, or choices?  Am I aware of my options?  Am I a good manifester?  Shut down spiritually?  Stuck in ignorance?  Blocked to new ways of thinking or being?  Do I feel regret?  Doubt? Disillusion?  Confusion?  Fear making wrong choices?  Am  I skeptical of spiritual guidance?  Opportunities?  Possibilities?  Filled with dread?  A Cynic?  Apprehensive?  Suspicious? Alarmed?  Uncertain? Ready to forgive?
designed & handmade by
Barbara Neuman
(805) 473-9400

GOAL:  To feel clarity in communication ~ spoken, in the arts, or spiritually; to feel contented, centered in the present, a sense of good timing, an understanding of spiritual teachings, experience Divine energy in mediation.

IMBALANCES:  Fearful, reticent, inexpressive, inconsistent, unreliable, manipulative OR garrulous, self-righteous, arrogant, dogmatic, addicted.

5th Chakra Clearing Essence
Formulated by Kjerstina Agne’
(805) 481-0468

My Passion (Passion Flower) In the Moment o Compassion  Be in the moment and love that moment.  Focus during anything ~ it becomes your passion (i.e., studying, lovemaking, artistic endeavors…).  Brings out the highest aspects of your passion.  Expands awareness and ability to recognize magic.  Receives, circulates and broadcasts energy.

About Face (Dandelion) All About the Face o Facing Issues  It is about growing in the face of adversity, about facing things at all levels…it is also good for liver balance and strength and detox ~ useful when alcohol has been used to numb feelings.  Dandelion helps balance and stabilize old feelings, early memories.  It is about all kinds of face things and problems with your face.  Face the music, face the facts ~ lift your face to the sun.  Mostly, face yourself and reflect light.  Continue to grow.  Make a wish every time you take the drops!
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Blue Sapphire o Blue o Throat Chakra Archangel Michael’s energy comes into the blue sapphire with his blue shield of protection and blue sword of truth.  Blue sapphire addresses the throat chakra and is about communication and self expression.  It is about listening as well as speaking. There is mental discrimination, enlightened intuition, language mastery.  We choose the thoughts we think.  Blue sapphire aligns our energy with our purpose and opens us to our spiritual nature.

Coral – Pink   Stimulates sensitivity.  A great emotional balancer.  Activates heart chakra and enhances intuitive aspects of love. Heals the emotional powerhouse within.  Helps to release toxins.

Tourmaline – Dark Blue   Activates the throat chakra & the 3rd eye.  Facilitates access to higher levels of intuition. Great for eyes and brain.  Releases stress and tensions with the mind.  Eases headaches