Integration (Mutuy) Open & Clear Mind  Helps balance your mental and emotional bodies in preparation for emergence into 5th dimensional reality.  Pancreas, sweetness, self esteem.  Useful for integrating shifts.  Useful during chaotic times.

Transparent Sodalite o Indigo 3rd Eye Pineal Chakra
Indigo addresses the inner vision, paranormal vision, as light comes through the 3rd eye, dream your dream and have it come true.  There is keenness of perception, enriched experiences of synchronicity.  Through the 3rd eye we receive the inner command to go further.  Ascended Masters Serapis Bey infuses his energy into this essence.  Indigo enhances intent, focus, telepathy, deep  thought and clearing of the mind.  There is clarity of purpose.
Chakra SixOverview

Location: Between & just above eyebrow
Life Skill: Principle of Health & Healing
Color:  Indigo/Purple
Crystal:  Moonstone        
Element:  Air
Body:  Brain, Pineal Gland, Pituitary gland, eyes, nose, blood stream, forehead, upper head
Oils:  Harmony between and just above the eyebrows, Dream Catcher just above both earlobes, Acceptance or Awaken on bottom of both big toes
Age Developed: 8 1/2 – 14
Activated: 19-20 
Re-activated: 56-63, 92-99

Key words and phrases to use with meditation/journaling

Front: Mental and reasoning abilities and
psychological skill in evaluating our beliefs and attitudes.
Regulates many of our hormonal and endocrine functions
Basing our physical health on our self image and goals.
Master control system that affects the body from the level of cellular gene activation upon the function of the nervous system

Moods, behavior, emotional vulnerability, personalizing this vulnerability during ages of 13-18.

Do I feel good about myself and my gender?
Does my environment and upbringing deflate my gender?
self and body image?
underachiever in relationship, school, work, goalsetting?
Can I imagine myself worthy of the good things in life?

How are my visualization skills?
Do I have vivid imagination?
Am I paying attention to  my intuition?
What is my one truest path? 
Can I envision that?  articulate it?  

Back Side: Sight chakra, reflecting all potentials.
Is my life strategy plan, potentials, and visions in accordance with my highest purpose?
Are my belief systems self-affirming?
Are my visions constructive?
or self-destructive?

Am I on my divine path?  Can I visualize myself and create that in physical reality?

What beliefs do I hold about my true potential?
How do I feel about myself?
How does my soul view what I have created?  Is it in alignment with what my soul WANTS to create?
Am I open to higher light?
Can I accept the journey I have already undertaken?
Am I (have I been) drawn to opportunity to manifest them?

6th Auric Level: Composed almost exclusively of light, the matrix patterns of the 6th auric level are spun of actual light fibers.

This auric level meshes together with the 5th and less formed 7th auric fields, combining  the necessities of choice and the consequences of truth and universal love and support. 

This auric level reflects thoughts and thought patterns we hold about ourselves, appearing more like attitudes than separate thoughts. 

By examining and correcting disturbed states of self concept, immediate change can be created through the power of this auric level.  Keep your issues in the light, heal the issues, and achieve the higher learning.

6th Chakra Clearing
Flower & Gemstone Essence Blend
Formulated by Kjerstina Agne’
(805) 481-0468
Red Coral Provides practicality.  Balances material and spiritual.  Helps one to become in harmony with the natural forces of the universe.  Stimulates the metabolism and activates the thyroid.  Increases blood circulation.  Improves self-worth.  Builds the physical powerhouse within.

Moonstone Raising the vibration of the emotional body and activating it.  Balancing and nourishing for emotions.  Appreciation of stillness.  At home in our hearts.  Creates an opening in the belly area.  Works on the ovaries and breasts.
In crystal lore, these stones symbolize and carry the frequencies of:

LAPIS:  shedding ego for spiritual self, introspection, trust in Divine guidance, security in the Cosmos, understanding of obscurity, visualization.

SODALITE:  loyalty to principles and higher goals, translation of Divine energy to earthly matters, trust in Divine guidance, connection to spirit while grounded in reality, soothing to psychic centeres.

BLUE AVENTURINE:  diffuses negativity, raises the unconscious to the conscious, thus clarifying motives, grounding, encourages exploration, facilitates role transitions.

BLUE AGATE:  visionary mindset, spiritual contemplation, truth, strength & support in spiritual matters.

Sixth Chakra Bracelet
Designed and hand-made by
Barbara Neuman
(805) 473-9400
Brow Chakra
Third Eye - Intuition
GOAL:  To feel self-actualized, charismatic, receiving Divine guidance, unattached to the material world, psychic, desire to lead others spiritually, beyond fear of death.

IMBALANCES:  Oversensitive, unassertive, undiscipoined, scattered, fearful of success OR authoritarian, dogmatic, proud, manipulative, operating from ego instead of Divine guidance.
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