Healing is about coming to balance, coming into the frequency of health, balance, wholeness.  Each organ in our bodies vibrates at its own specific frequency.  The frequency of individual gemstones and flowers can be measured in megahertz, as can the frequency of specific emotions, words, thoughts.....

More importantly, frequency of vibration can be influenced by thought, by focusing intention.  This is illustrated beautifully by Masaru Emoto in his work with water crystals.

Vibrational essences are the medicine of the 21st Century.  These essences are co-created with Nature to enhance your body, mind and spirit's ability to be aligned with your authentic Self.

Used in conjunction with the 12- Chakra Clearing Process of Rapid Eye Technology, your process can be maximized, as essences help your system to vibrate at appropriate frequencies of well-being in each chakra.

When I asked Kjerstina to formulate the essences, I gave her Sharlene's book describing each of the 12 Chakras, and their inherent energies and issues.

When we got together to create the labels for the essences, Kjerstina admitted to me that she never used the book.  She simply went into a meditative state and followed Spirit, using kinesiology (muscle testing) to formulate each blend.  As I typed the labels, I would recognize familiar descriptions, and could see that the energies were accurately represented in each of the formulas.

She would say, "I don't know why Spirit wanted this one in there, but it was very strong", and I would say, "Well let me tell you why....and I would explain to her the parallels that were so obvious to me, in my familiarity with each of the chakras and their themes and issues.  Creating these essences and their beautiful bottles has been a labor of love and service by Kjerstina, myself, and Joao, who photographed them in her magical garden.  We offer these gifts with joy and humility (else we would be really, really proud of them ~ as though we weren't proud, too.)

Flower & Gemstone Essences
formulated specifically for the 12 Chakras by

Kjerstina Agne'
Master Teacher / Flower & Gemstone Essences
Reiki Master
(805) 481-0468

For full description of each essence, click their individual photos on the left of this page.    To order the Essences,  call Kjerstina @ (805) 481-0468.   Each essence is $20, plus $5.00 shipping and handling.  Essences will be mailed Priority Mail upon receipt of your check or money order.