My move to Hawaii has been exactly as if I died, and went to Heaven.  So much of my experience here is as though I left one dimension and stepped into another.

For instance, lately  my friends and family have been cleaning out my house, which I left without a backward glance -- books on the shelves, files in the cabinet, picture on the walls.

Lately, they call me to tell me that they have acquired one of my precious belongings.  My reaction surprises me.  At first, I am shocked, because I didn't remember I HAD that precious item.  I have a momentary stab of regret, and then joy that someone who loves it like I did will have attachment to having it back again.

When I was called here, Pati said that my purpose was to "step into my Real Self, step into the next dimension.  When I questioned Spirit, I asked, "Do I HAVE to go?"  and the answer was, "No, because you already know that wherever you go, there you are...AND, haven't you been asking to step into the next dimension?  To stay where you are is to stay where you are."

my response, of course, was "AL--OOOOO---Haaaaa!

I'm building this page as sort of a "blog".....a journal of my experience here as it unfolds., and has unfolded.  I'm including the Angel and Spirit Guide readings I have received from more than one channel.

I'll also write significant experiences, noticings, musings and such as I am able to do so.

My guidance has been that I am a wayshower, and that I have set a model for others who will follow.

With that in mind, I am sharing all I can.  If something here appeals to you, please partake and enjoy.  If it resonates with you, then you are vibrating with THAT, and it's meant for you as well.

Following are some readings I've received.  I will interject comments if I feel it necessary.

May 20, 2006 - Madame Pele directly to Julia....

I opened a box to post another reading, and my body began to glow!  So I started writing, and here is what came out.....
This is exactly how I feel when Madame Pele calls.....
Reading from Ana Jones,  March 14, 2006, Archangel Jophiel

Reading – Ana Jones  - Archangel Jophiel – Friday, May 5, 2006
Reading - Ana Jones - Walea - April 11, 2006

Reading - Ana Jones - Walea - March 25, 2006
The symbol that is associated with me is the symbol of the white lotus, and I actually ask you to visualize it ascending form the crown of the head, bring the white lotus into each one of your chakras and energy centers.  Picturing moving that white lotus through all 7 major chakras, and wherein you are able to picture it in the root chakra, grow its stem.  Use the doorway of imagination, your creative mind, and to visualize growing its stem deep into the waters and into the soil of the earth.  Grounding the white lotus is grounding the highest frequencies of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awareness.  It is a part of your spiritual journey of enlightenment. 

This simple visualization of bringing the white lotus through the crown, through each of the 7 energy centers, until it is firmly fixed in the root chakra, and its stem deeply rooted will assist you in your spiritual journey of enlightenment; will assist you in opening the doorway of your imagination.  Will assist you in connecting with me, because at any time in which you do this visualization, I will know that you are invoking the special energies from me that the white lotus represents, for not only is it a symbol of the highest vibrations of spiritual enlightenment that can be anchored and embodied in ones life, it is a symbol of me; it is my flower, it is my symbol, the symbol of the energies that I wish to bring through you; actually tapping those energies and drawing them through you.......
"First let me begin by saying that the connection that we have is a shared purpose and mission.  My purpose and mission is on a much broader scale, as it encompasses much more than what you are able to comprehend.  However, the parts that are shared, I will explain to you today; the role that I have been given, the part that I am to play in bringing beauty in this world; it is something that you are in alignment with; it is a role, a purpose that you are to play,   the peace that I’ve described, the love I’ve described to you, that you know is represented in the dove.  All of it is seen and felt the minute that the dove’s beauty is witnessed.  Again this symbol, being a sacred symbol to your soul.  I described to you n my previous message that the reason why it can bring peace is because it is a presence of love, and only the presence of love can bring peace.

But how it is recognized as such and felt as such by such by everyone universally is through its beauty.  So it is its beauty, its love, its peace that are its true gifts and are its true purpose; for your gifts and your purpose are intertwined.  You are only given the gifts that go along with your purpose in this life, your soul’s purpose; your soul’s mission......."
...And so, you, and all of the beings upon the planet, except for very few masters, have lived under the spell of the old matrix.  It is as if you could imagine that humankind has been living in a thick, watery, muddy ocean of heavy energy.  In order extricate yourself form this heaviness, it is necessary for you to allow the light of your soul to bring you out of the old and into the light of all possibility.  The old matrix is that energy of contraction, moving in upon itself, eating upon itself, feeding upon your feelings of unworthiness, unforgiveness, judgment of self, judgment of others, and all of the negativity that have plagued not only you but all of the human beings, lightworkers as well.

And so, the true spirit of your true soul is that of a very high vibrational frequency.  You have the capacity of channeling through your body very high frequencies of light, and you have given permission to do this work, before you set foot upon the planet, before you incarnated as an infant;  You have given permission in order for this to be so, and this is true for thousands and millions of lightworkers.

And so, already, even when you first became present in human form, you became a channel of light; even though you needed to forget it for many, many, many years.  And so beings of light from higher dimensions have used your body
To channel through your body into the earth high frequencies that are assisting in the earth’s transformation.  So your body has been used in this way, and you have already given permission for this.

So there are many lightworkers asking, “what is my purpose upon the planet?” and they are already are expressing their purpose as acupressure needles, so to speak; so that is a great part of your work....
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   Your connection to these white birds is a connection to your own soul, and a medicine that you carry that I reveal to you today by revealing my way of viewing you, viewing your soul as the dove….also a connection, a soul bond that you have with me, as my name indicates,  I carry soul qualities and soul traits of the winged ones as well.  All winged ones, all birds, are the messengers of Great Spirit, and in particular, those of the white feather.  They are of purity, pure, truth, and great clarity, that is a Gift, coming from the Great Spirit.  I am known as a speaker of the truth.  I am one who is a clarifier; thus I carry this medicine not only as a messenger, as all winged ones are, but also of those who are of the White Feather, the white feathered winged ones, messengers that are clarifiers, that are representatives, emissaries, for revealing the truth, speaking the truth, knowing the truth.  We share this, you and I, and you will come to know this about yourself more and more, as you begin to expand your identity.  As your identity is truly shifting, from perceiving yourself and your worldly identity, to perceiving yourself in your true spiritual identity.  Your spiritual identity, your true identity, is becoming predominant, and will become your only perception of who you are.  For this is the lifetime that you have chosen to complete your earth walks, and you are closer than you realize to this true realization of your identity, your true identity.......
CReading from Ana Jones,
February 15, 2006. - White Feather

There are many things that the others wish to say to you, but I have been chosen to be the one to reveal myself to you first and to speak this message to you first.  Because of what you asked, and more importantly because of what you have not asked, I wish to reveal to you that your connections to the flocks of white birds, of which I brought to your path today, and will continue to bring as important symbols in your life, important animal totems and animal medicines in your life.lick here to add text.