Eye Patching

Some conditions that seem to improve after eye patching:

  • obsessions
  • chronic intrusive thoughts
  • chronic pain
  • excessive mind chatter
  • compulsions
  • chronic anxieties
  • conflicts
  • chronic depression
  • fixations
  • chronic frustrations
  • chronic anger, rage
  • chronic substance abuse
  • chronic fatigue
  • chronic grief and sadness
  • chronic fears (phobias)
  • chronic over/under weight

Activities to do while eye patching

These eye patches are hand-made, and ordered specially by the Rapid Eye Institute, because they allow the eye to open underneath and retain  the effects described below.  None of these effects are accomplished by closing one eye.   Only with one eye open AND occluded, can the process be complete.  These patches have a special padding which allows for the eye to be open underneath them while patching.  I have a small supply of patches, and can sell you one for $10.00, which includes s/h, or you can order it directly from the Rapid Eye Insitute for $7.00 plus s/h.
If you continue to see life as you have always seen life, you will continue to get from life what you have always gotten from life.  Until you change your basic thought processes about life, you will continue to experience life as you have always done.

Eye Patching provides your brain with a new perspective of life.  Even for a short while, patching can significantly change your perspective and your underlying paradigm (beliefs).

Eye Patching tends to balance brain hemispheres.  What most people will first experience with eye patching is an increase in visual acuity, a sense of greater brightness in the room, and an overall lessening of stress and strain on the eyes.
With one eye patched, one brain hemisphere tends to become hypersensitive (intensifying) while the other seeks to compensate, becoming hypo-sensitive (lessening). 

This imbalance creates a state wherein the person has two completely different concepts of the perceptual world.  One concept is that being directly fed from the uncovered eye to the brain.  The other concept is that being shared from the uncovered eye - through its governing brain hemisphere - to the other brain hemisphere.

This condition strengthens the communication bridge between brain hemispheres and tends to create a paradigm shift (a change of thought patterning).
How to Patch

1.  Place the eye patch over one eye (either eye will do).  Adjust to fit comfortably.  It is imperative for this process to work, that the eye can comfortably open and close under the patch.

2.  Experience the patch for several minutes - 20 minutes or until you feel uncomfortable, whichever is less.

3.  Place the patch over the other eye for several minutes - 20 minutes or until you feel uncomfortable, whichever is less.

4.  Practice patching one eye, then the other, until you are comfortable wearing the patch on each eye for about 20 minutes each.

5.  Patch the eyes at least twice per day - morning and evening.

6.  If you feel distressed, take off the patch, do RET first aid, patch again, and call me for an appointment soon ~ you've probably found an issue that's ready to work.
What you might experience
after eye patching

(Remember that these symptoms are cause for celebration ~ your goal here is to move, change, and heal; to notice, honor, validate and be grateful for the symptoms of healing is to speed the healing process)

Some physical discomfort, nausea, headache

Physical cleansing - diarrhea, nausea, sweating, cold symptoms

A change in visual acuity - you may want to have your eyes checked by a qualified optometrist if you notice a change.

Clarity or clouding of thought - usually a clouding or confusion will arise before clarity

Lessening of mental clutter after a period of increased mental chatter

Lessening of overall stress after a period of increased stress.

Click icon to open a Word documument about Eye Patching, which you can print and keep for offline reference.

Do not patch the eyes during times when depth perception is important (such as driving, operating dangerous equipment or machinery, cutting with knives, walking up/down stairs, etc.

  • Reading: practice reading with one eye patched, then the other, for a few weeks to improve speed and comprehension.

  • During a conflict with a family member: For greater positive results, both participants patch (usually the right eye)

  • Just prior to any test or examination:  (to assist in comprehension and retention of material)

  • Listen to Baroque Music - Handel, Telamon, Beethoven, Mozart - enchances the patching effect (keep eyes open while listening)

  • While listening to verbal instructions or during a presentation - patch the eye that clarifies the material for you.