Julia's Alpha-Mations

I Am Julia, Fair child of God, and I Am filled with appreciation for my abundance of  beauty, balance, bravery, courage, creativity, centeredness, divinity, desire, dexterity, delight, energy, ecstasy, enthusiasm, friendly good humor, faith, friendship, grace, generosity, gratitude, honor, humility, humor, happiness, inspiration, intuition, intelligence, joy, jubilation, kindness, knowing, love, laughter, life, longing, maturity, maternity, mysticism, nurturance, nobility, optimism, opportunity, purity of heart, of mind, of body, of spirit, peace, praise, power, quiet resolve, surrender, serendipity, sweetness, tenderness, trust, understanding, vision, valor, wit, wisdom, wealth,  and wonder......

Why Alphamations?

1.  Just as you exercise your body, it is important to exercise your mind.  Powerful affirmations can give you mental muscle to create the dreams you choose, and to BE, DO and HAVE all you want to be, do and have.

2.  I chose the alphabet because it's a built-in prompter.  This way, I don't get lost off in la-la-land....and I only have to remember 3-5 words for each letter. 

3.  In her Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook, Lynn Grabhorn writes:

While old-fashioned action can and does produce, it does not have the producing power that flowing pure thought with feeling has.  For instance, 16 seconds, plus another 16 seconds will produce the equivalent of 2000 of your high-action hours. (32 seconds)

When you hold that same thought-feeling purely (meaning without one split fraction of a second of contradictory thought-feeling or doubt) and join it with another 16 seconds, the power of that flowing of energy will equal 20,000 action hours!  (48 seconds)

Do that just four times, and the conjoining and combustion of those energy vortexes will equal 200,000 of your action hours.  (192 seconds or 3.2 minutes)

Just once more, and you'll have the equivalent of 2,000,000 action hours.  (240 seconds, or 4 minutes)

Please Note:  I have seen this process described differently, as well.

Beth Coleman says Abraham says:

17 seconds is worth 2,000 manhours (about a year at 40 hours per week of action taken)
34 seconds is wroth 20,000 manhours (or about 10 years)
51 seconds is worth 200,000 manhours (or about 100 years)
68 seconds is wroth 2,000,000 man hours (or about 1000 years).

Either way, doesn't it seem worthwhile to practice?

4.  There are 23 letters....I stop at W because I like ending my affirmations with wit, wisdom, wellth, wealth, and wonder.    X, Y, and Z seem to be just plain silly.....stretching the point...so 23, ok?  In my alphamation, there are 68 words.  If I were to spend 3 seconds flowing pure thought with f-e-e-e-aling with each word, that adds up to 204 seconds, or 3.4 minutes, or 200,000 HOURS of concerted effort!  Wow.....

Having already memorized the words, and the familiarity of the alphabet can bring you back to center, and hold space for you to go out again, like the "point" in dance.

Step Four:  Practice, practice, practice. Be mindful of how much time you can spend in flowing pure thought with feeling.  Know that such flow will create your intention, and be aware of how that begins to manifest in your experience.

Step Five:  Choose Again!  I noticed, in the Alph-mation above, for instance, that all my words were "spiritual" and "altrusitic".....so now I want to change the shape of my body,  I have started over again, to find more tangible  words to describe me as physically different.  Choosing words has suddenly became much more difficult, and I'm still working on Step One for that next stretch into who I AM

About "I Am"

The frequency of the words "I Am" are the frequency of creative life force energy.  Any time you say the words "I am"....be prepared to BE whatever follows them.

In this light, it is wiser to say, "I feel tired", rather than "I am tired."  Feelings come and go.  "I am" creates....whatever you choose.

For this reason, in my own Alphamation, I chose to say "I am filled with......." which allows me then to just say the word, without having to worry about tense or prefixes or suffixes.

Mirror, Mirror.......

There is a universal principle
that says....any word you choose reflects who you ARE....

You could not conceive of, or resonate with a trait that you did not already possess, in your heart of Hearts.....in your I Am Presence.

So the TRUTH is, anytime you admire another, or look "up" to them, you are looking in the MIRROR

How does that
make you Fe-e-e-el?

Just as the MIRROR reflects positive traits that you love in others, and are really YOURS,  the same is true when others accuse you of something, when they are really talking about themselves.


if it makes you fe-e-el bad, it may be that you believe it about yourself as well. 

If I call you a "CAR!", you don't run out and  paint yourself green, and change your name to Toyota.  You look at me funny and wonder what's eating me today.


if I call you "lazy" or "stupid" and it hurts your feelings, you might want to look at what you really believe about yourself.


are your measure of how much something "matters" to you, and how close you are to bringing "that" into material reality or manifestation.

What you fear today, you live tomorrow
one last thought.......

....and one more thing

Having done this for a while, I lay in meditation one morning, and suddenly, I was seeing my self through yet another pair of Eyes....I was seeing the "mortal" me, trying so hard to convince myself that i am "all THAT", and I saw myself with such love, and such compassion, and such honor, and such awareness, that I AM all that, and so am i.....that even in my mortal weakness, even in all that i have worked to overcome and to BE, I AM the piece of God that is appreciation, and beauty, and courage, and divinity, and energy, and faith, and generosity, and humor, and humility......i was seeing my self through the eyes of the Self......it was awesome, and my heart sings, even now, as tears stream, to remember the depth of respect and honor and love I have for me....Big I talking to little i, and little i finally, being able to see through the Eyes of the I AM presence........it continues to feed my soul, and I feel this is the ultimate goal of this process.....


"You look more like a car every time I see you!"
Alphamation Process

Step One:  Choose your desired traits.  Beginning with "A", list the traits that you CHOOSE to be.
This can take a while.  It's all good,  all part of the process.  Let this choosing-of-traits time be a joyful one for you.  Think of the dictionary, if you like, as a giant candy store.  You don't really  need a dictionary though; just let words come to you, and choose them as you like them.  You can start with one word per letter, and add more as they occur to you.

Step Two:  Memorize your words, allowing the alphabet to prompt you....work at memorizing until you can say the whole list without hesitation.

When I was working this stage, I would wake up in the middle of the night to roll over in bed, and I'd hear the words, reciting themselves in my head.  I went to sleep memorizing them, and woke up memorizing them.

Step Three:  Once you have the words memorized completely, find a mental picture or memory of yourself in that word, and find the feeling of THAT.....Feel it, Taste it, Smell it, Hear it, Remember it, Recreate it.

Since this takes you "off", it's helpful that you have the alphabet to bring you back, and having already memorized the words to take you out again.  I picture it as a spiral "dance"