Ninth Chakra

Also in support of the 12-Chakra clearing process, Barbara Neuman (and I, in some cases) and Spirit formulated the entire line of gemstone bracelets.  Barbara's also creates bracelets for all sorts of issues and purposes, like Motherhood, Midlife Crisis, Menopause, Spiritual Growth, Personal Power, Loving Relationships, etc. 

Barbara can create a bracelet specific to your needs, somewhat like a house call from the mineral kingdom. 

Call her @ (805) 473-9400 and see what
she has to offer, or visit her website @

Eighth Chakra

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Well Deserved
Rhonda Dooley of Dooley Graphics was the first contributor to my website, by designing my logo.  I wanted so much to make the picture speak the word, because our right brain only speaks in pictures.  Didn't she do a lovely job?    Rhonda creates graphics for print and web media, and since we all have e-mail, it doesn't matter where you live to benefit from Rhonda's artisitic genius and her ability to make it look good and show up on your work.   You can call her for graphic design @ (805) 544-0758

I began a search to find images to decorate my pages, and the first page that came up on Google-Image search were these lovely stained glass pieces.  I lifted them from the website, and bungled my way through pasting them onto the pages throughout. 
I LOVED them because they were all beautiful, appropriate for the content of my pages, and because their similarity in design helped my pages all flow together so nicely.  I have asked permission of the company, and include herein their URL you too can find these images, and have them for your own. 
My good friend and fabulous photographer, Colleen Rosenthal, took  pictures of me a while ago.  I am proud to know her now that she's just about famous, having won international awards for her work.  Check out her website @
When we went to the Big Island of Hawaii to swim with Dolphins with Joan Ocean,,  Joao (jooo-ohm) Troples of Finding Wings in Pismo Beach clicked over 3,000 photos of our group, the dolphins, the manta rays, and just about anything else that moved......(or not)....If you're going on a trip, taking Joao along as a traveling photographer would make your travel dreams last forever!  She's the one who caught me acting like Minnie Pearl...... and she and I spent an entire day in her magical garden, photographing the essences.  Thanks! Joao ~ Contact her @ You can see more of our adventures in Hawaii on Joan's site, under Cosmic Chocolate Channeller's Pod...does that make us famous?
In support of the 12-Chakra clearing process, Kjerstina (sher-stina) Agne' (and Spirit)  formulated the entire line of flower and gemstone essences.  She has created an entire line of blends and sprays which can facilitate healing, growth, and general frequency raising.  Kjerstina is also amazingly capable in helping you with space clearing, Feng Shui, and Soul Coaching.  If  I were you, I'd give her a call today @ (805) 481-0468.

Before I ever thought of building a website, there was Information Press   whose editor, Sandra Marshall, published many of the articles contained in the Reading Room of this site.  Info Press gave me a place to share my many growth spurts with others.  Thank You! Sandra, and blessings to your wonderful work of spreading the concepts of the Cultural Creatives, and allowing others to voice their truth through  independent journalism.  Information Press is a mind/body/spirit/earth connection publication, which Sandra puts out once a month for 14 years now. 

Click above for  all you need to know, to build a website like this one.  People ask me what language I use, and I have no idea what they mean....but I built this website "all by myself" (with a lot of help from the sources above, of course).  Homestead hosts my website, and provides my e-mail address, all for a very reasonable $19.95 a month.  They bill my credit monthly.  For that price, I have unlimited pages!  I LIKE it......

I would like to say that, depending upon the browser(?) you use, I understand that some of my pages do not appear to be as flawless as they appear when I create and publish them.  If anything is unreadable, or you need clarification, please call.  I believe that in this new world of everyone being able to publish websites, they just don't have all the bugs worked out....and until they do, this is the best I have found.  Suggestions?  I'd be happy to hear.  AND, I'm writing to Homestead to see if they have any.

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