Testimonials and other likely stories......

"That work that I did with you on Saturday was some of the most powerful, profound work I have ever done.  

Thank you so much, Julia, for the wonderful, wonderful work you do and for being there for me. 

San Francisco
"Doing Rapid Eye Technology with Julia over the phone has been tremendously beneficial.  Besides the actual work, which is fantastic, Julia is a powerhouse of information."                                              Michelle - Maine
"Julia's expertise helped me immensely after being involved in a serious accident, where my husband and I struck a pedestrian, who died. While I knew there was nothing he could have done differently, and it was not our fault, still I was unable to sleep because of the recurring vision of the accident everytime I closed my eyes.
Julia suggested a simple technique, which sounded silly to me, but as I lay painfully awake for the fourteenth night in a row, I had nothing to lose, so I tried it. I was amazed! at the immediate relief I felt, and each time I tried the technique, my stress reduced noticeably. The third time I used the technique, my whole brain seemed to melt into relaxation, and when I tried to pull up the horrible vision, I couldn't even find it!   I cannot adequately express my gratitude and relief at such a miraculous technique. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking relief from traumatic flashbacks."
(name withheld)
"Julia has lovingly and selflessly offered me many RET sessions to release years of profound trauma. The sessions I had with her were life transforming and life giving. She offers her services with patience and a sweet, musical voice. I also benefited from her Sand Tray Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Mind's Eye light/sound  machine."                                   Karen ~ San Luis Obispo
"I have been  privileged to work with Julia through many sessions and she is a most powerful, dynamic and talented individual who has helped me blossom into my own Being. We worked on so many different areas and even "conceived" my beautiful Center for Conscious Living (7Sisters Mystical Emporium) during our sessions. I now have this beautiful Center for others to come who need help on their "path". She was there through it all and is still here with her wonderful support.
We are now working through the 12 chakras and boy is that powerful as well!   Thank you, Julia. You are truly the Goddess of Rapid Eye Technology!"

Christine Auriela
7 Sisters Mystical Emporium
1663 Main St.
Cambria, CA 93428
"I have watched Julia perform miracles with her clients, and I have personally experienced the magic that she calls upon. I would recommend her to anyone."

Dixie Waldrip, MRET
(Julia's) Reiki Master
San Francisco
"Julia really knows what she is doing! She is very sensitive, loving and giving. I was able to release many pronounced and disturbing emotional patterns in just 3 sessions. I also loved her use of play therapy to uncover issues I was not consciously aware of.

Thank you Julia for all your special gifts!"

Carol Dawn ~
San Luis Obispo