East Meets West 

Described on these links are two kinds of moving meditation, or dances which I feel privileged to share my experiences of. 

Tsalagi (sa-la-gee) is a seven-point Empowerment Dance, first given to the Tsalagi (Cherokee) People through Dhyani Ywahoo, Tsalagi Medicine Woman.

  I like to think of it as "Native-American Tai Chi", East meeting West in form and purpose.  The Seven Points are the four cardinal directions, the Earth, and the Sky, all moving through the human Heart.  Once reserved for only tribal leaders and medicine people, it has now been passed down to all of us.  In our community, Chequweesh Auh-ho-oh taught it to Selen Cohen, who taught it to Carol Dawn, who continues to teach it to all of us at Earth Tribe and other gatherings.

Dances of Universal Peace (Sufi Dances) are comprised of sacred phrases and movements from various spiritual tradititons throughout the world, and further described article linked below.  If you've never experienced these joyful means of worship, meditation and intimacy, I highly recommend that you find them in your community, and Partake!....