Thought is at the beginning of all creation. Change your thinking and you create the life you want...  Energy follows thought.
Understanding your world, based on your experience filtered through your judgments. Energy is just energy...until a perception is placed on it.
You are accountable for the life you have created. You may always choose again.
We constantly have an abundance of whatever we believe we deserve. With graititude for all of life's gifts, you will see an abundance in your life. What you feed will grow. Not what we have, but what we enjoy, consitutes our abundance.

What you give out or put your energy into comes back multiplied. 

Physical pain is the language the body uses to let us know something isn't working. Learn how providing balance brings health to your life. Love heals.

There is rhythm in all creation. When the natural rhythm or "flow" of life is resisted, disharmony and pain are created. Harmony is the basic rhythm for all creation.
Skills for Life

Once we have identified, processed, and released our self-defeating behaviors, beliefs and patterns, it becomes imperative that we create new ones that better serve us  Unless we do that, we will simply recreate the old ones, and be back where we started.

 It is my experience that one of the biggest deterrents to our doing that, is not knowing what we want INSTEAD, and how we will know when we have it. We all know what we don't want, but we often don't have a model for what we do want or how to choose again. 

Life skills are the second half of the Rapid Eye model, which allow us to learn new ways to think, feel, and act, so that we can keep the changes we make in our healing process. 

The Life Skills workbook allows us to take personal inventory to identify issues to be resolved, and choose new ways of responding, for a greater sense of ability to respond in mindful ways in our day-to-day living.
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