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Books and Movies I Love 
and Grow By 
I believe that we are what we read, interwoven with how we think, feel, and BE-live. Here is a list of books that have shaped my way of thinking, feeling, being and living.  By no means an exhaustive list, I'll begin with the latest I've been reading, and add more as I get to it..... Enjoy!

PS:  I built this page so many years ago, and have read so much since then!  All these are still good, AND I don't have time to list every book in pretty colors.  SO I will list (in no particular order, but as they come to mind) a few of my favorites here, and if you care, you can go find them:
How To Be An Adult - A Handbook on Psychological and Spiritual Integration, and 

How To Be An Adult in Relationships ~ The Five Keys to Mindful Loving both by  David Richo.

Surprisingly simple, deep, and to the point, these books are to be read carefully, line by line, with a highlighter or two.    I find myself on every page, and am feasting on new growth and awareness of how to finally, finally, finally GROW UP!
Power vs. Force,  

 The Eye of the I ~ From Which Nothing is Hidden, and 

 I ~ Reality and Subjectivity, by  David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

These three books knocked my socks off!  I hardly know how to describe the effect they had on my awareness and appreciation for the ins and outs of consciousness.  These books are not for lightweights, AND they are delicious beyond description.

Excuse Me, Your LIFE is Waiting!

Dear God!  What is Happening to Us?and 

Planet Two by Lynn Grabhorn

Purchase these books at www.LynnGrabhorn.com

Absolute MUST reads for anyone wanting to raise their vibratory frequency, and to understand why, and most importantly HOW to do so, Excuse Me is an invaluable resource.

Once you've got that down, the next two of her books are also imperative reading, to further understand the big picture in the process of ascension, and why and how we can fully participate therein.

Those books also led me to the next ones on the list..... 
Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon,

Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered,

MAP, The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program

and several other publications, by Machaelle Small Wright. 
Her books can be found at www.Perelandra-Ltd.com

These books may be the most fascinating read I have ever experienced!  Machaelle Small Wright literally lives in two dimensions!  The first person on earth to have split her molecules, to have two bodies, she lives 12 hours a day @ Perelandra, near Washington D.C., working in her experimental gardens, and 12 hours a day on what Lynn Grabhorn describes as "Planet Two", another dimension of Earth.    Machaelle is one of five members of a team of experts whose mission it is to "flip the coin of the military model" on earth.  The head of her team is none other than Dwight David Eisenhower, and one member of her team may be (and this is my own assumption) John Lennon!.....read more about his after-death experiences and orientation to the next world in yet another mind-boggling read, listed next.

Peace at Last, the after-death experiences of John Lennon, as revealed through Jason Leen

The title says it all.  This book is profoundly comforting and exciting as it describes the intiation of John Lennon in preparation for the work he was called to the other side to do.  That work has to do with using music to explain the radical changes we are about to experience in our personal lives and the world in which we live.  The information in Peace at Last is meant to impact the entire planet.  A universal message from a universal man.

The BODYMIND Workbook by Debbie Shapiro

This book is indispensable in understanding the many connections between body, mind, and spirit.  Debbie gets very specific, and very detailed in explaining the root causes created in our growth and development, and in our thinking processes which create and sustain disease.  Generally speaking, Debbie explains that the left side of the body represents feminine, or receiving aspects, the right side masculine, or giving out, letting go aspects.  Bone represents spiritual issues; soft tissue, mental; and fluids represent our emotions.  Comprehensive, logical, and oh-so-accurate, Debbie's work is wonderful in helping one to make crucial connections between what we think, say, and do, and how we feel in our bodies.  She offers a key to the doorway of that 90% of the brain that "uses you".  

And S-o-o-o-o- MANY more....these are just the ones in and around my bed at the moment.  I'll get to adding more, I promise.....  in the meantime, questions?  Call!
The Third Millennium  (or anything by) Ken Carey

The Shift  by Owen Waters

Vagina, A New Biography  by Naomi Wolf

Channeling Erik,  and all his books, with the help of his mother, Elisa Medhus

Dying to Wake Up  by Paul Perry and Rajiv Parti

Dying to Be Me    Anita Moorjani

Many Lives, Many Masters,   Same Soul Many Bodies, and more by Brian Weiss

The Apology  by Eve Ensler

Atomic Habits   by James Clear

Bright Line Eating by Susan Peirce Thompson (!)

Mantra, Sacred Words of Power  by Thomas Ashley Farrand

2150 Total Integration by Michael Gray

2150 AD by 

Wolf's Message by Suzanne Giesemann