by Julia Fairchild

 It’s true that there’s always more. . . .but now I have the tools to deal with any false perceptions. Having once "blinked out" the trauma, the drama, the pain, the fear, the anger, the hurt, the guilt, the apathy, the confusion, I was given the Life Skills, to reframe my way of creating my reality. Now I know that if I don’t like what I create for myself, I can choose again! I know that "thoughts are things" and that I alone control the direction my thoughts take me.The most profound lesson I learned in Rapid Eye Technology was that at the core, I Am golden light.  That though tons of manure may have been dumped upon my light; though thick black strokes of toxic paint and tar may have been painted over my golden light, yet it glows and burns brightly within, and all I have to do is remove the paint and tar and dung.  And that’s done by intent, as simply as choosing to let it go.

    While it was my imagination that allowed me to create alter personalities to take the pain that no one person could bear, it is also my imagination that can free me of my burden.  I can imagine a golden stream of light, "beaming up" all my fear, all my pain, all the drama. . .and leaving my neural pathways clear to the core of every cell.  

The challenge comes in having a new model to reframe around.  Many of us have never had a model of emotional or spiritual health, and once again,  imagination becomes the vehicle by which we determine our new identity.  It is through  application of the universal principles taught in the Life Skills that one can  choose again as many times as it takes to overcome old habits and create a new way of living.

It’s an ongoing process.  No one is ever "done" unless you’re ready to move  on to the next phase of eternal life. . .but it certainly has been a joy to me  to be given a whole toolbox of very effective tools to construct my life of  joy and perfection, and to use in helping others to do the same.

As a child, I had an oft-recurring dream that everywhere I stepped, the earth gave way beneath my feet, as though it were a thin crust of styrofoam, or deep snow. 

For three decades thereafter,  I had the sense that every step I took was through deep tar, and that I was forced to slog my way through a life of impossible difficulty and heaviness.  In fact, I often felt that I was encased in a stack of rubber tires, taller than me.  I could only see through the cracks, and I couldn't raise my arms to what I saw.
Now, I have a sense that every step I take is into "thin air", and that each step is met by a smooth round stone, which appears beneath my foot precisely as my sole touches it!  Though it doesn't seem to happen until the need is imminent, my needs are always met. I do not have to walk at any measured pace.  I can dance through thin air; I can roll, and slither and spin, and do cartwheels!  Yet every step is firmly supported by an unseen universe.

Now, my days are punctuated by a deep sense of gratitude for all I’ve ever experienced, for all I’ve ever learned, for all I can call my own as a result of my difficult journey, and for the absolute assurance I have that all things have been, are, and ever will be – GOOD.  I can hardly wait for the next five decades!

    In looking back, it is clear to me that the turning point, between slogging through tar, and dancing through the air came as a direct result of my training in Rapid Eye Technology.  It was there, at the Rapid Eye Institute, that I was able, at long last, to free myself of all my misperceptions, false beliefs, and victim mentality.  It was there that I was given permission and direction to "blink it to the Light!   Let it all go. . . .it’s ruled your life long enough. . . those lessons have served you well. . .GRADUATE!"   It was there that I was given my first experience of feeling  unconditional love.