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"Julia has lovingly and selflessly offered me many RET sessions to release years of profound trauma. The sessions I had with her were life transforming and life-giving. She offers her services with patience and a sweet, musical voice. I also benefited from her Sand Tray Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Mind's Eye Light and Sound machine."
Karen  ~ San Luis Obispo
Rapid Eye Technology
Rapid Eye Institute
Rapid Eye Institute

"I have watched Julia perform miracles with her clients, and I have personally experienced the magic that she calls upon. I would recommend her to anyone."

Dixie Waldrip, MRET(Julia's) Reiki Master
San Francisco

What is Rapid Eye Technology? 

RET is a technique which simulates the body's natural process (REM) in sleep to remove emotional stress.

RET is a breakthrough in the release of emotional stress of all kinds.

RET encourages people toward their awareness of being self-empowered, fully functioning, loving, caring, individuals who are conneted to and exhibiting their highest potential.

RET can remove the effects of mental and emotional trauma and helps to develop new skills for living.

Rapid Eye Technology and Life Skills are a two-part process of healing and educating.  RET releases the trapped emotions, and the Life Skills assists one in creating the life they purposefully choose, rather than recreating what isn't working for them.

How Does it Work?

RET achieves relief from emotional stress through the body's own natural mechanism that occurs during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.  Rapid Eye Technology simulates, in an awake state, the natural process of REM sleep.  The popular documentary film, What the Bleep Do We Know? gives many wonderful pictures of how Rapid Eye works at a cellular level.

Who May benefit from RET?

Anyone who experiences stress or distress on any level.  Everyone who desires positive self-change and self-discovery of their "real" self.  Most of us struggle with negative belief systems that keep us from living to our fullest potential.  Rapid Eye Technology can assist in changing patterns and habits of self-defeating behaviors.

Years of research, combined with inspired techniques have brought into being a process that has effected lasting change in the lives of many.

Trapped false messages taken into the subconscious mind during periods of trauma or stress form distorted pathways in the human brain and cause behavioral disorders and/or illness.

These messages limit our choice at an unconscious level.  The ability to act rationally is diminished.  When this happens, potential for self-development is restricted.