Tapas Accupressure Technique

Dr. Tapas is an Acupuncturist, and came up with this idea over the years in her practice.  She says it works because the point you use at the bridge of the nose/corner of the eye is an entry point for every nerve of the body into your brain.  You’re also accessing third eye, and by placing your hand at the back, the visual cortex.  To me, it seems like you’re getting mind, body and spirit, all in one.

She says it will clear anything! And once clear, won’t come back.  She says if you have an allergy that puts you into anaphalactic shock, go sit in the emergency room to do the clearing and then test the allergen…..just in case you’re 
the one person it doesn’t work for.  It wouldn’t be about your not being the one person….it would be about your body believing that holding onto that allergy for some reason would benefit you more than letting it go…..which you’d have to figure out and clear first.

Intention is POWER.  We have no idea how powerful we are, as spirit beings pretending to be human.  Unless we do.

I added the idea of alternating hands according to the function of  feminine/masculine sides.  Feminine receives, and masculine gives, so it makes sense to me to use left hand in some instances, and right hand in others……

Here's the process:  Read the whole thing before you begin….It's important that you have everything you need to know before you start.

 Place your ring finger and thumb at the base of your eyebrows/bridge of the nose junction (in the dent at the inside corner of your eyes. middle finger over third eye, (right between the eyebrows) with forefinger just above middle finger (stacked on top, touching forehead) (pinky just hangs out)  Caution:  This hold is very powerful, and it's better that you not sit around holding it without focused intent.  

other hand cupped behind visual cortex (base of skull)

I alternative right hand/left hand, depending upon the intent of the step.  
That is, left hand is receiving, or pulling up for healing, (pain, guilt, etc.) 
and right hand gives (healing, direction, etc.)


(Left hand in front) - Focus on the problem, stated in the negative
        For Instance:  Core belief:  I am stupid
                      Trauma:        I'm falling off a cliff
                                      Allergy:        I'm allergic to peanuts
Addiction:  I'm addicted to coffee.

I use left hand on this one, because you are "drawing up" the problem, 
presenting it for healing, etc.  You are also changing your view of it.
Hold the position until you feel a change, or no longer than four minutes.

Dr. Tapas teaches us to use muscle tests, but that they are not imperative.  
She actually tests for the need to do each step -- so far, I just do every step every time.

I use a very simple muscle test after each round - allow the client to test themselves.  If they don't get the hang of the test, I test for them.  A cool test she uses is to run the pad of the forefinger in one direction 
only over the nailbed of the thumb. Smooth means "yes" move to the next step "sticky" means 'No." - keep the pose for a while longer on this step

Same idea for rubbing the palms/fingers of the hands together.

I also sometimes use a pendulum, and wait till it stops turning.

STEP TWO - Right Hand - Focus on the opposite/solution to the problem

Core belief:  I am intelligent ( I state it several ways in the positive)
Trauma:        That happened, and I'm fine with it now.....I am safe,  whatever...
Allergy:        Me and my body are fine with peanuts.  I can eat as many as I  like with no harmful effects.
Addiction:      Same as allergy -- plus this substance has no special appeal  to me now.

STEP THREE - Right Hand - All the origins of this problem are healing now.
 I say, "You don't have to know all the origins, or any of them, but any that 
come to mind, you can acknowledge -- past, present, future, all dimensions 
and levels, mind, body, spirit, physical, emotional, mental....etc."

STEP FOUR - Left Hand - All the storage places where this problem are stuck are empyting now.

Again, you don't have to know, but you can suggest -- every cell of your body, DNA, RNA, past lives, childhood traumas, misperceptions, past, present and future, etc.

STEP FIVE - Right Hand - All the parts are healing now

Whether they believe it or not

STEP SIX - Right Hand - Forgiveness of anyone who contributed to this problem, including yourself, and God.

STEP SEVEN - Left Hand - ASKING (and receiving) Forgiveness of anyone who may have been affected in any way by your having this problem.

Finally, once the forgiveness feels complete, finish by thanking each person you have forgiven "for giving me the opportunity to............." grow, learn, overcome, experience, recreate......whatever gift has come of the trial or experience.  This completely shifts the concept of forgiveness, turning it into an opportunity for gratitude and love -- which is the cure for all ills.

You don't have to believe this.  It works around your inability to believe, as long as you set the intent for it to be your reality.

FINAL STEP:  Ask the client to relax and breathe, and check to see if 
anything comes up that we may have missed in any of the steps.  If any thoughts come to mind, release  those with whichever hand is appropriate.

Prerequisite clearings before any others can be addressed - for all people

1.  I don't deserve to live
2.  I can't accept love, help, or healing

After that, the sky's the limit!  I cleared not being able to sleep the other 
night; worked like a charm -- I only used the first two steps 

Here are the steps again, without all the commentary:

I - Focus on the problem (left hand)
II - Focus on the opposite/solution to the problem (right hand)
III - All the origins of this problem are healing now (right hand)
IV - All the storage places where this problem have been stuck are emptying 
now (left) hand
V - All the parts are healing now (right hand)
VI - Forgiveness of others, self, and God (right hand)
VII - Asking (and receiving) Forgiveness of anyone affected by your problem

DISCLAIMER - Nothing in the following disclaimer is intended to absolve anyone  from the requirements of local, national or state law.
Be aware that when using TAT, emotions, physical sensations or unresolved memories may surface. Previously vivid or traumatic memories may fade, which could adversely impact the ability to provide detailed legal testimony regarding a traumatic incident.

Emotional material may continue to surface after a session, indicating other issues that may need to be addressed.
Before following or implementing any protocol or opinion expressed in this recording, first discuss the protocol or opinion with an appropriate physician, therapist or other licensed medical professional and follow all their directions precisely and heed all warnings and
cautionary information. TAT is not a substitute for medical treatment.

By continuing to read this document and utilizing this technique, you agree to all of the above.
If any court of law rules that any parts of this disclaimer are invalid in law, the disclaimer stands as if those parts were struck out.

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