The Principle of Thought

    Ever try NOT to think of something, or someone you wanted to forget?   Thoughts are like a river that flow through the bed of our mind on their way to  the collective consciousness.  Whether we know it or not, thoughts flow  unbidden to their inevitable creation of whatever task we set them to.  Knowing, or  better, choosing what we think, and directing our thoughts in a conscious way,  is the only way to manifest that which we would rather have than what just  shows up for us.  Awareness, mindfulness, being awake, intention. . . .all are  ways of describing the process of choosing thoughts, of mind over matter, of  taking responsibility (or the ability to respond) to what presents itself in our  daily experiences.

    Thought is energy, or light, that is shaped by consciousness.  Every  thing we experience is created by thought, given form by our feelings, what we  think, how we behave, and what we value.

    In Rapid Eye training, I learned that there are four levels of awareness  in our reality, and that starting at the body, they proceed from physical, to  emotional, mental, and spiritual.  These four aspects are encompassed in our  "aura" if you will, and compose the whole of our several bodies of awareness.  

Vibrationally, it is easy to see that we are most dense and slow at the  physical; that emotions are heavier than thought, and thoughts are heavier than  spirit.  Anything that comes TO us travels the opposite order of awareness.  That  is, things are created spiritually before we think of them; our thoughts  create our feelings, and the body is the last to "get it". 

This principle was illustrated in a Discovery channel program using Kirilian  photography to study the aura in relation to medical conditions and healing.   They showed time-lapsed photography of a man who had a "cloud" in his aura.   Over the course of several days, the cloud moved closer and closer to his body, until when it reached his body, he had "caught a cold".  The connection of  physical illnesses to body mind is a telling example of creating our physical  realities with our thoughts.

Another aspect of this principle, is understanding that any thought that  occurs to us has already manifest in spirit.  Spiritually, there is no judgment  between good and bad; it’s all relative; it’s all experience.  How does it feel  to want?  Let’s find out.  Think about how much you want something.  Focus on  how much you lack it.  See how that makes you feel. . . and the more you  focus on the lack, the more you create "wanting".  By the same token, if we can  dream of something, the very thought of it insures that it’s already complete in spirit.  Focusing on how good it would feel to possess it; act as if we did  already, and behold it manifest in physical reality. 

Awareness is the key.  Catch your thoughts as they flow past in their steady  stream.  When the river is swollen with anxiety and fear and the waters rage  around rocks in our path, it’s time to get hold of your Self, and observe what  you’re doing to create such a storm. 

Listen to your words.  Remember that the words "I am" are the words of the Creator, and that any time we place ourselves in "I am" we are creating whatever  follows the words.  "I am tired" may not be what you choose to create for  yourself.  Rather learn to say, I am ready for a good night’s sleep."

   The formula is so simple and yet, most never get it.  We often think or  hear, 'if only I had such and such, I’d be happy'.  The formula for success is  not have, do, be --  it is be, do, have.  If you want to have more, you must do  more, and in order to do more, you must first become more.

    Becoming more is only attainable in inner conscious awareness, in  imagination, in reflection, in meditation, in insight.

   Information and knowledge are gained from your outer conscious awareness.  Wisdom and insight are gained from your inner conscious awareness.  It is  through reflection that you can achieve an understanding of the totality of who  you are, and where you are going in this journey called life.

   Sleeping and dreaming allows an aspect of your inner awareness (the  subconscious) to process and integrate the information accumulated during your  outer awareness (conscious) waking hours.  

   Creative visualization allows another  aspect of your inner awareness (imagination) to integrate and apply the information stored in both the conscious and subconscious.  

   Meditation allows another aspect of your inner awareness (intuition) to supply wisdom and understanding to the application of information and knowledge.  Achieving a complete physical, emotional and mental stillness will empower another aspect of our inner awareness (creativity) to harmonize, to synchronize, to resonate your  electromagnetic vibratory output with the universal.

   Finally, remember that there are only two motivating forces of human  experience -- love, or fear.  Examine your thoughts and ask yourself – are these thoughts which promote love or fear?  And which do I choose to live?

Buddha said, "What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday  and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow:  Our life is the creation  of our mind."