Some say, "Look what I created!"  Another way that could be said might be, "Look what I attracted!"  The word circumstance neatly depicts the process; circum means around; stance means stand.  Circumstances are the conditions that stand around us, magnetized to us by the central core of our thought forms.  Change the thoughts at the center of the energy field, and we change the conditions that stand around us.
There is a basic rhythm to all God’s creations – including us.  We notice it when we are quiet enough to listen.  Each of us has a natural rhythm.  Life is simple when we hear, feel, and follow in harmony and rhythm.  Meditation visualization improve the ability to hear, feel and become more sensitive  our inner self and the world around us.  As we practice being quiet, the inner self teaches us and we will see that miracles are natural expressions of love.
Often a piece of music is called beautiful because of the interplay and harmonious synchronization of the notes.  In fact, some music (such as Baroque) can actually program our format a person’s brain to facilitate learning.  This harmonious interplay extends beyond the music for our ears.  The infinite intelligence of the universe is behind the rhythm and harmony we need in our lives.  As we become more practiced in using these principles, we realize the natural guidance is always there for us, forming a life into a divine pattern.
To increase our harmony and rhythm, we can increase our understanding of the information we receive from our five basic senses:  touch, sight, taste, hearing and smell.  Then we can become more aware of our other senses, such as intuition and awareness of energy.  When we are in harmony with these principles we draw upon the powers of nature or heaven.  We are aware that all is in harmony; that all things work together for our good.  When we react to anger, confusion, anxiety, or fear in another person, we encourage the other person to believe he is presenting the truth.  Another response could be to disregard the illusion the other person is expressing, and see him as perfect and joyful.
We occasionally fall into the temptation to perceive ourselves as unfairly treated.  We can be treated unfairly only by ourselves.  We are only victims of the world, if we think we are.  Rather than what others or the world do to us, it is what we believe they have done to us, or what we believe we have done to ourselves that make up our problems.  Deprivation is the feeling we experience when we feel we are isolated or separate.  We then project blame, anger, hate to others.  They pick up the signal and play a part for us so we can feel that our anger, hate, or sadness is justified.  This signal is a vibration we radiate in our energy field.  It’s somewhat like a call to others to come and play with us.  The signals we emit are received, processed, and reacted upon by those seeking that signal; they are tuned in to our broadcast, our vibration.
I experienced the down side of this concept when I was raped a few years ago.  I had gone seeking companionship, feeling extremely lonely, needing another to make me feel whole, combing the classifieds for the one who would accept me as I perceived myself to be. . . old and fat and needy.  I found one who actually had his antenna set for someone with low self esteem, someone overweight who would be desperate enough to do whatever he asked and not know they had been raped.  

I realized, even in the aftermath of the pain and shock, that I had attracted this person to me, because I had a core belief that men were abusive to women.  The details of the synchronicity of that event are too numerous and personal to recount.  Suffice it to say that there was no doubt in my mind whatsoever, even in the following days of suffering, that I alone was responsible for this event in my own life, and that the man had been attracted to me by my own very powerful magnet of thought patterns.  It was like a drop-kick over a goal post; extremely painful, but I got the whole lesson, and I won’t have to repeat that class again.

The ability to draw conditions to us has tremendous practical implications.  It means we can use our thoughts to create the life we want.  It means we can really change for the better.  It means that things no longer have power over us, for we realize that they are just the manifestation of our thoughts, and nothing more.  They are thought forms reacting to the signals we project.

The principle of Harmony and Rhythm is   perhaps best expressed in the magic of music.  Music is a powerful influence in our daily lives.  There are three basic ingredients of music:  melody, harmony and rhythym.  Melody and harmony are universal in nature.  The solar system maintains its order because of the vibrations of each individual planet.  They comprise a chord of music which is unique to our place in space.

Rhythm belongs to the earth.  It is the method whereby a song is broken up into measures and notes are assigned different values of time.  It is the rhythm or beat of a song which involuntarily sets your toe to tapping.  It is the ingredient of time.

There is another ingredient of music which is absent in some music.  When it is present, it changes lives.  Even plants and animals respond to it.  What is this fourth ingredient?  It is LOVE!  When music contains this element, it performs miracles!  It sets into motion natural forces which begin a tumbler-like action, a turning of the tide in the lives of people.

Research into the science of sound, or vibration, helps us understand that creating music requires the interaction between the right and left brain.  In a very real sense, music transcends the mind and goes directly into the heart!  It can be a powerful way to access the ability to feel for those who have endured so much  pain that they have dissociated from life and become "past feeling."

While listening to  music can penetrate even the hardest heart, the activity of creating music, expressing oneself through music, develops a person’s ability to organize creative thoughts and to express them effectively.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether that creation of music is in the form of humming a tune or in performing in a concert.  Feeling will happen!Researchers have studied Baroque music to discover why it is so powerful in assisting in learning.  The combinations of notes, and the patterns of music create order in the brain in much the same way a computer formats a diskette to implant a grid or map which will allow information to be stored in a location where the computer will know precisely where to go to retrieve it.

Why is order so important?  To create is to organize that which is unorganized.  There is no judgment between order or chaos; both are necessary to the process of growth and creativity.  To make use of the information we accumulate throughout our lives, we need to be able to retrieve it.  If there is no order, no system for storing and retrieving that information, it is much like a file cabinet with no separate folders – just piles of stuff.  We know it’s in there, yet we aren’t able to find it.

People with Alzheimer’s disease are losing this grid pattern, this map for how to store and retrieve information.  Remarkable results are being achieved with Alzheimer’s patients through the use of music technology.
An interesting phenomenon is occurring.  The elements of the earth, the minds and hearts of the people on the planet are beginning to polarize.  There is agathering of order, a gathering of those who follow the principles which created our universe.  There are multitudes of people making a choice for order.  What is left is chaos; that which is in conflict with order.  Each person is responsible to make conscious choices about the level of vibrations which influence them.

When all our levels are in alignment  (physical, emotional, mental and 
spiritual), we are in tune.  We will feel in alignment with the universe and the principle of harmony and rhythm.  We will have once again aligned with the "one song."

(This material (other than my own personal observations) is almost 
exclusively shared from the Life Skills Manual from the Rapid Eye Institute in Salem, Oregon.)
The Principle of
Harmony and Rhythm
This principle is strikingly illustrated by placing a handful of iron filings on a thin sheet of metal and playing a certain musical note near the sheet.  Wondrously, the filings arrange themselves into a pattern.  Change the musical note and the filings rearrange themselves into another pattern.  Every sound has its vibrational pattern, and the visible filings demonstrate the invisible pattern of the sound.

Our thoughts are like the sound, and the circumstances in life are like the iron filings.  The filings have no volition or will of their own.  They simply fall into the vibrational pattern of the sound.  In the same way, automobiles, money, food, jobs, and relationships have no particular will of their own.  Their nature is to follow the direction of the waves of thoughts that we radiate.

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