In our society, a man who demonstrates a strong physique, is considered very powerful.  If that same man demonstrates strong emotion, he is weak; if he appears too intelligent, he is labeled a nerd; if he is highly spiritual, he is considered unusual, or weird.  In other words, humanity has inverted the power pyramid, placing physical strength over emotional, mental or spiritual.  

To behold a physical body whose spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies have vacated, however, will quickly clear up any confusion about where the real power lies.

   The spirit body contains the power that creates our existence and all things we perceive therein.   Like electricity, we fail to perceive it until we notice its effects.  We call these perceptual awarenesses "miracles" because we fail to detect how normal they are.  The spirit body is the source of all power and creative life force we experience in this dimension.

   Our mental body is the directive body, whose job is to make choices and to direct energy.  Being the home of our ego, the mind has a tendency to view itself as the source of our creative power.  While the spirit body enjoys ALL experiences, the mental body is concerned with our level of physical and emotional safety, and believes its job is to protect us and defend us from potential attack.

   The emotional body performs the necessary work of focusing our directed energy into the physical dimension.  Our feelings about our choice will largely determine the form in which it will manifest.  Emotions based on fear born of past traumas and limiting beliefs confuse and scatter our ability to focus our emotions for positive outcomes.  Processing of negative emotion can refresh the emotional body and help regain its powerful focusing effects.

   The physical body is, in a word, obedient.  The entire physical dimension is designed to be obedient to our desires.  No matter what direction the physical body is given, it follows with unwavering obedience.  Even as it throws itself down a steep hill, it will cry, "A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-s  y-o-u-u-u-u  w-i-i-i-i-i-i-sh-sh-sh!"  (Remember Princess Bride?)

   In order of occurrence, the spirit provides the power, the mental body directs that energy, the emotional body focuses the energy into the physical dimension, and a physical effect manifests in reality.  We are the cause as well as the effect.  

In other words, if you can think of an idea, it is already complete in 
spirit.  Place emotion upon the thought, either fear or love, and the idea will manifest in physical reality, depending upon its positive or negative charge.  

Fear lack of money, and manifest more lack.  Be grateful for the money you have to pay those never-ending bills, and watch more money come in.  The law of cause and effect could also be called "the law of attraction".  Love attracts; fear repels.  There is no escaping obedience to the law of cause and effect.  If we don’t make a conscious choice, we simply choose by default. 
The less aware we are, the more we default to the (usually) fear that 
settles to the bottom of our minds and hearts.

Love and fear are two sides of the same emotional coin.  That which we love is drawn to us; that which we fear, lack, or need, is repelled.  To need something is like holding that thing at the end of an arm’s length stick, never to come within our reach.  We can never love what we need.  The need of it presupposes that we don’t have it to love.  

An explanation for this phenomenon is that when we direct and focus the creative powers of our mind and emotions to the need of something, we create more need.  The more we need, the more we create need, and the further from our grasp that which we would love to have.

There are several keys to changing fear to love.  One is gratitude.  By expressing gratitude for that which we already have, even if only yet in spirit, we exercise faith and direct our creative energy in our behalf.  

Another key is being aware of the power of "I am".  The power of I am is the power of the creative life force.  Any words which follow those two powerful words are manifest in reality.  "I am tired" may not be a choice you would make in awareness.  While one might feel tired, or sick, or angry or ugly, the "I Am" is never any of these things.  Changing our awareness enough to catch ourselves in such a simple pattern of speech can go a long way toward claiming and walking in our divinity.

Many of us will recognize "cycles of creation" or patterns of cause and effect in our lives.  When events repeat themselves, look for the lesson.  The cycle may go something like this:  We initiate a thought in the mental body, which directs the infinite energy source, the spiritual body.  Early on, we put some sort of image to that thought so it becomes a thought-form.  We may then put speech to that thought-form aloud, or internally.

Because speech arrives so early in our cycle of creation, it can be used to quickly identify our hidden, underlying intent that may conflict with our conscious desires.  Consider what a useful role our self-talk plays in our creative flow.  Remember that the physical body believes every word it is told, and obeys.  Developing an ear for self-defeating language can be a useful skill.  

Here are a few pointers:  
Rather than "I’d like to welcome you here" , (implying, "but I’d rather not") say, "Welcome!"Rather than "I’ll try. . .", say "I will do it!" 

Rather than "I am. . .sick, or angry, or sad", say "I feel. . ."

Rather than . . . ."but" (which negates every word preceding it, say ". . . and. . .  "  

This one is especially helpful.  Try this on for size.  Suppose your son has been rude to your mother.  You say to him "I love you, but you can’t talk to people that way."  (implying, "because if you do, none of us will love you".)  or  "I love you, and you can’t talk to people that way." (implying, "because that’s not how we talk to people")  See the difference?  Try it. . .you’ll be amazed.

    The awareness that watching our language and self-talk brings to our cycles of creation is a giant step in effecting change for our positive growth.  

Realizing that we are the cause, and the effect, gives us the ability to respond in conscious awareness.

The Principle 
of Cause and Effect

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