I learned this principle directly from Spirit.  One early morning, years ago, I lay in my bed, admiring a wall that I had just papered with beautiful, extravagant flowers.  I had just purchased my own home, and turned a virtual "shack" into my tiny castle.  In  my other mind, I was fuming that in the divorce, my "wasband" had not taken the care of me that I thought he should have.  I was ruminating about his lack of care, when a Voice whispered in my mind, and chided "Why do you beat up this poor man, when you have all you want?  He gave the best he could; I have given you all. . . why expect a mere man to provide for you, when I have always done so?  Don’t you know, you’re as rich as God!?"

Since then, I have always realized that I am indeed "as rich as God!"  Of course, as far as I know, God doesn’t have any more money in the bank than I have, but together, we have all I have ever needed or wanted.  Indeed, the abundance of my home is often overwhelming. .  .I would prefer less -- a little more zen, if you will.

Abundance is the natural state of the universe.  Gaze upon the nighttime sky, and argue.  A problem in the quality of our abundance may arise, depending upon our beliefs about it.  Regardless of our underlying beliefs, we are experiencing those beliefs abundantly in the manifestation of them.  Our lives are full of manifestations of our own beliefs.  If we believe that we deserve to be wealthy, we tend to manifest great wealth. . . a man who experiences wealth  can lose every dime, and will rebuild his fortune several times over, while a man who experiences poverty passes that legacy on from generation to generation.  A belief in mediocrity can produce an abundance of boring mediocrity. . . .even a whole "middle class".

It appears that the experience of abundance relates very much to our own sense of self worth.  Some people exist in great wealth and yet feel they are worthless.  And others exist in abject poverty and believe they are of great worth.  As always, our physical dimension is the dimension of the manifestation of spiritual power, mental direction, and emotional focus.  Physical wealth is symbolic to the other bodies.  To the powerful spirit, physical wealth is a state of experience.  To the mental body, physical wealth is a symbol of a thought manifestation, or thought form.  To the emotional body, physical wealth can symbolize the manifestation of love or control.  In other words, abundance is merely the universe’s response to our thoughts and emotions.  We think it and feel it, and the universe provides experience or form in abundance to assist us in thinking and feeling.  "As a man thinketh, so is he."

We live in a dimension of fluid creation, where what we focus on, grows.  All is energy.  Some energy is kinetic, like movement and form (chairs, tables, bridges, peoples’ bodies, etc.), while other energy is potential, awaiting instructions.  Potential energy is potential creation.  Energy becomes kinetic as we focus attention upon it.  This is the principle of gratitude.  Gratitude is the focusing of attention upon a thought or emotion.  This brings the thought into physical manifestation.  Thereby, we experience physically all we think and feel gratitude toward, or focus attention upon.

To use Ranae Johnson’s (founder of Rapid Eye Technology) example, abundance is like the water in a fireman’s hose.  The water comes from the reservoir (spirit body), passes by the fireman (mental body) who directs the flow, by the nozzle that focuses the spray (emotional body), and out into manifestation (the physical) as a spray of water (creation).  The hose is on full blast all the time, spraying water (manifestation) out into the air (this dimension).  We direct its flow and the pattern of the nozzle.  So what we manifest is always abundant, according the desire of the nozzle man (us).  If we were to shut off the water by turning off t he hose, we would no longer manifest in this dimension and cease to exist here.  As long as we are in the game, we are manifesting in abundance – it is our nature and the character of this dimension.

The principle that we always receive what we believe is relentless.  It is in constant operation whether we notice it or not.  A related issue is one that many people struggle with – the superstitious belief that in order to have some things in our lives that are good and positive, we have to be willing to accept things that are bad or negative to maintain balance.  This creates a continual block to progressing in any real way with the quality of our lives.  The Universe simply gives us whatever we believe.  Change your belief and you change your life.  

If you must believe in the necessity of the negative, I venture to say that most of us have experienced enough negative already to last a lifetime.   Believe that your future can be as good as the past has been bad, and choose only love.

To master abundance, requires that we deal with two basic issues:

1. We must be willing to fully and freely express ourselves by using our talents in doing what we love.

2.  We must notice any beliefs we have that are in opposition to abundance (lack consciousness), and take action to change those beliefs.    If we are not experiencing total abundance, it is because we have pushed it away, because abundance is our natural state.
The Principle of
 Abundance and Gratitude
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