What Words Can't Tell

Can you describe the taste of salt to me?
Or tell me how the wind feels on your face?
Please tell me what it might be like to see
The Earth, a sphere, as can be seen from space.

There are some things that can't be told in words;
The fragrance of a newborn babe yet damp,
A rising flock of graceful, snow-white birds,
The golden glow of windows lit by lamp.

Of all the things I'd choose to share,
The mortal joy which far outshines them all
The fullness and the tenderness so rare
With which He answers, every time I call.

In wordless ways, I've sensed my welcome Guest,
And in my need, been gathered to His breast.

Julia Fairchild - 1996
This sonnet was written in response to a college English/creative writing assignment, which class I referred to as my "mailbox from God".  The truth of these words have sustained me through many a challenging experience.