It's ALLLLLLLL about Energy!

by Julia Fairchild

Given the evidence photographed in Masaru Emoto's book, Messages from Water our bodies are greatly affected by the frequency of energy we surround ourselves in.  This very graphic portrayal of the physical effect of vibrations on our bodies – or at least the 70% of our bodies which is water** – is helpful in reminding me, for one, to be aware of what I think, say, listen to, or what I take into my body.

I am also gratified to realize that water (like time, circumstances, and life) is fluid!  We are not frozen (unless we are) in any circumstances or frequencies we find ourselves swimming in. 

However, in my work and experience with helping myself and others to overcome self-defeating behaviors, I find that it is the "frozen" or "stuck" parts of ourselves that keep us from flowing freely and effortlessly as we were seemingly designed to do.  

The amazing difference, though, between the crystal formed from polluted water, and the same water having been prayed over, was encouraging evidence of the ease with which we can raise our vibrations from dull and sluggish to magnificent!  Heck, imagine what praying over leftovers might accomplish!?  Deepok Chopra says you should never eat leftovers….they’ve lost their chi…but he never saw these pictures…..

In the structures of the crystals, it was clear that highly complex, bright, beautiful crystals are formed from places, words, and music, which would seem to be more in alignment with the high frequency vibrations of love.   Polluted water and thoughts seem to produce dark, formless, dull, even ugly crystals.    The feelings portrayed by these crystals were depressed, formless, slow, heavy – definitely low vibrations.

The possibilities suggested by the ease with which these fluid effects can be changed is encouraging!  This visual evidence of the effects of frequencies of vibration helps me to better conceptualize the effects I can create for myself by choosing love, compassion, peace, joy in whatever form I can find it -- in music, meditation, laughter, kindly words, read or spoken.  A simple "thank you" can change your world!

These pictures illustrate another interesting phenomenon about the frequency of energy, and it’s formation of geometric patterns.  In a scientific practice called "cryonics" it can be shown that when you direct sound into a tray of matter, that the frequency of the sound will form the matter into a geometric pattern in the tray.  The higher the frequency, the more complex the pattern.  

Therefore, these complex crystals illustrate that the frequency of energy which created them was higher than in the polluted water, for instance, or the frequencies of negative thoughts or words.

To take this one step further, let us consider the connection between frequency of energy, and thoughts and feelings within our bodies.

Human beings are electromagnetic beings.   I’ve read that every one of our nearly 100 trillion cells has 1.17 volts of electricity at its core!  In reading Greg Braden’s "Awakening to Zero Point", I came to understand his interpretation that that portion of the human body which is electrical is the seed-core essence, the soul, pure intelligence, knowledge, or thought.  

This aspect of the body is not bound by time or space.  It is that part of us which is, always has been, and always will BE, regardless of where our physical bodies may or may not be.  This is the soul essence, which will eventually leave the earth experience, taking  with it the vibrational benefit of all we have thus experienced on to new  experiences.

Feelings are another aspect of the human body which are where the magnetics come in.   Braden refers to magnetic tension as "the glue of consciousness".  (Seen anyone "come unglued" lately?)   In other words, besides the electrical charge generated by each cell of the body, there is also a magnetic field, offset by 90 degrees, (creating a magnetic sphere) surrounding each cell.  

Picture a bowl of magnetic marbles, pushing and pulling on one another, according to their pole orientation.  Again, according to Greg Braden, feelings are encompassed in these magnetic fields, surrounding our electrical aspect, or thoughts.  These magnetic fields also interact with those of the earth, creating for us a "safety zone between thought and manifestation."

Imagine the confusion, if not the danger of every passing thought of every human being immediately manifesting in "reality".  (Have you seen the movie, Sphere?  Ever relished the thought that someone might "drop dead"?

Without getting into the involvement of the earth’s magnetic field, I would like to focus for a moment on the relationship of thoughts to feelings.    We’ve heard over and over that "as we think, so we are".  As we think and feel, we are quite literally creating within each second of our lives.  Due to the drag time (created by the earth’s magnetics) it is for the moment that what you and I think and feel today, manifests tomorrow, or however long it takes.

According to my understanding of Braden’s writings, in Awakening to Zero Point, the length of time it takes to manifest is dependent not only upon the degree of magnetics of the earth, but the frequency of vibration of your thoughts, and their effect on the feelings connected to those thoughts.  High frequency grids of awareness are found in belief systems which foster thought patterns of compassion, forgiveness, surrender and devotion.  Low frequency grids of awareness are found in belief systems fostering thoughts aligned with patterns of fear, judgement, and ego (Love or fear).

This then, brings a clearer understanding of why it is important to get to the core of cellular memories, feelings, perceptions, misperceptions, etc.  

By releasing negative or low frequency energies surrounding each of our trillions of cells, we clear the way for our intelligence to manifest more quickly in "reality".    Realizing  that each cell has the intelligence which renders it either a brain cell or a bone cell or a blood cell, it also stands to reason that our emotions affect not only our emotional lives, but our physical bodies as well, and helps to explain why thoughts, emotions,  and health are so interconnected.

   Every relationship, every chance meeting, every opportunity to see ourselves in another's mirror, gives us opportunity to measure our frequency of awareness.  Who am I in relation to THAT?  What will it take for me to reach a higher frequency of vibration?  To what degree can I live my life without fear?  To what degree can I vibrate within the frequencies of compassion, forgiveness, surrender, and service?

Finally, for some practical application of these ideas, let me share some ideas from this book, "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn.    She suggests that energy attracts like energy….much like a tuning fork struck on one side of the room, will cause a tuning fork of the same key to vibrate from across the room.  She says it takes 16 seconds of FEEEEEELING any particular emotion to attract like energy to itself.  So, if you’re feeeeeling angry on your way to work in the morning, you can bet that you will attract other angry drivers.  Maybe not today; but if angry driving is a habit of yours, you  can be assured that like energy is on its way.

Lynn Grabhorn identifies a simple 4-step method for attracting that which you want to yourself.

Step 1.  Identify what you DON"T want
Step 2.  From that, identify what you DO want
Step 3.  Get into the feeling place of what you want  (remember 16 seconds)    What would 16 minutes a day do?
Step 4.  Expect, listen, and allow it to happen

Finally, a method she uses wherein you put yourself on a 30-day program, where whatever negative thing you are obsessing on can be replaced immediately by something positive.  She calls it a flip-switch, and suggests that every night before you go to bed, you choose a positive trait to enhance in yourself for the following day.  Whenever you find yourself in negative feeling, you flip to the positive trait, and put yourself into the feeling of that trait instead.

I can’t do her material justice here, but I do recommend the book.  She also has a Play Book to go along with it.  In conclusion, I hope I’ve given some evidence that we are ENERGY; that energy is all about frequency – high or low, love or fear, and that we are what we  choose to be, in any given moment.  That what you fear today, you live  tomorrow, and that every circumstance we find ourselves in today, is a result of our thoughts and feelings of the past.  My favorite part of this equation, is that you can always choose again. 

Praise God….and turn up the Light!
** Okay, Deepok Chopra says that our body is 99.999% VOID - so of the .1% that is matter, 75% of THAT is water?