Did you know that every cell of a human body generates 1.17 volts of  electricity?  Multiply that by who-knows-how-many billion cells we have, (last count,  79 trillion) and what do you have?  Enough energy to power New York City for  two weeks! 

On a smaller scale, the other night I stumbled into the bathroom in  the dark, and as I whisked my pajama bottoms off just in time to avoid having  to change them, I noticed sparks flying everywhere. . . and I was in awe! 

With all that power, what keeps us from just creating whatever we think we ought  to have in splenderific wonder? 
Human beings are electromagnetic beings.  In reading Greg Braden’s  "Awakening to Zero Point", I came to understand his interpretation that that portion of the human body which is electrical is the seed-core essence, the soul,  pure intelligence, knowledge, or thought.  

This aspect of the body is not bound  by time or space.  It is that part of us which is, always has been, and always  will BE, regardless of where our physical bodies may or may not be.  This is  the soul essence, which will eventually leave the earth experience, taking  with it the vibrational benefit of all we have thus experienced on to new  experiences.

Feelings are the other portion of the human body which are where the  magnetics come in.  In other words, picture the center of a cell, being pure
electricity, like a minus sign, surrounded at a 90 degree angle (in a sphere) by a  magnetic field..  Picture a bowl of marble magnets working together, pushing and pulling on one another, according to their pole orientation. 

Again, according  to Greg Braden, feelings are encompassed in these magnetic fields, surrounding our electrical aspect, or thoughts.  These magnetic fields also interact with  those of the earth, creating for us a "safety zone between thought and  manifestation."
Imagine the confusion, if not the danger of every passing thought of  every human being immediately manifesting in "reality".  (Have you seen the movie, Sphere?)  Have you ever relished the thought that someone might "drop dead"?
Without getting into the involvement of the earth’s magnetic field, I  would like to focus for a moment on the relationship of thoughts to feelings.  We’ve heard over and over that "as we think, so we are".  As we think and feel,  we are quite literally creating within each second of our lives.  Due to the drag time (created by the earth’s magnetics) it is for the moment that what you  think and feel today, manifests tomorrow, or however long it takes.
According to my understanding of Braden’s writings, the length of time it  takes to manifest is dependent not only upon the degree of magnetics of the  earth, but the frequency of vibration of your thoughts, or the feelings  connected to those thoughts.  High frequency grids of awareness are found in belief systems which foster thought patterns of compassion, forgiveness, surrender and  devotion.  Low frequency grids of awareness are found in belief systems fostering thoughts aligned with patterns of fear, judgement, and ego (Love or fear).
This then, brings a clearer understanding if why it is important to get  to the core of cellular memories, feelings, perceptions, misperceptions, etc.   By releasing negative or low frequency energies surrounding each of our  billions of cells, we clear the way for our intelligence to manifest more quickly in "reality". 
Every relationship, every chance meeting, every opportunity to see  ourselves in another's mirror, gives us opportunity to measure our frequency of awareness.  Who am I in relation to THAT?  What will it take for me to move up the  ladder to a higher frequency of vibration?  To what degree can I live my life  without fear?  To what degree can I vibrate within the frequencies of  compassion, forgiveness, surrender, and service?
Thoughts & Feelings - A Cellular Viewpoint

By Julia Fairchild.