Soul Food
by Julia Fairchild
*To blink in rainbows, hang a leaded crystal in a sunny window, and when  the rainbows appear, find the full color spectrum in your eye, and rapidly blink in each color!  Pure soul food!

  Another fun activity is to squint, and finding each color in your eye, play with the liquid patterns that form on the surface of your eye. 

I have literally spent hours doing this in various forms of joyful entertainment.
I often encourage my friends and family, (as well as my Self)  to be as diligent in feeding their souls as they are in feeding their bodies.  It is my firm belief and experience that we are not only what we eat, but what we read listen to and practice as well.

Everyone has a dominant mode of taking in spiritual food.  Some like to read or watch movies, for instance;  others need to listen. . .some need to feel, while others find their nourishment deep in meditation.  We all need all of the above, in some sort of balance.
   So go ahead; take inventory. . .stock your spiritual larder.  Ask your left hand what it wants for dinner.  Ask often; experience a wide variety of nurturing, re-creational activities.  There is a huge array of Self-nurturing material on every hand these days.  Make sure that you always have some form of disciplined growth activity in process. 

If you don’t know where to start, I might suggest any of Shakti Gawain’s material.  I love her book, Living in the Light.  It gives practical, effective exercises in learning to do just that.  Keep a nurturing, uplifting, encouraging read by your bed all the time.  Any time you find yourself unable to sleep, read your book!  Go to sleep and wake up to nurturing sounds, soothing music, or whatever feeds your Soul.

   Don’t forget to journal!  Keep a running dialogue between your Self and your inner selves.  Allow your Self to offer input and direction in all your affairs, and to become the accomplished Conductor of your own harmonious symphony.

  Finally, create a set of your own affirmations, articulating whatever it is that you really, really, really want.  Feed them to your Self three times a day, giving your Soul specific, well-defined instructions on what you want to create.  With the proper nourishment and regular mindful attention to your heartfelt desires, you will find your Spiritual muscles strong and healthy, and creating the life of your sweetest dreams.

  • blinking in rainbows*
  • listening to music
  • sunsets
  • fresh air
  • good books
  • prayer
  • walks in the early morning
  • friends who love you
  • reading to the children
  • solitude
  • peaceful moments
  • unconditional love
  • good movies
  • candlelit baths
  • green things
  • dancing, drumming (alone or in circles)
  • helping others
  • writing books for my grandchildren
  • writing
  • singing / chanting
  • gardening
  • snorkeling at dawn
  • art (both mine and others')
  • cleanliness and order
  • beauty
  • a child’s kiss
  • mail from a loved one
  • walking in the dew
  • warm cat on cold feet
  • a clean feather bed
  • a cool breeze,
  • swimming with dolphins
  • Tantra
  • regular massage
  • my ladies' circle
  • sweat lodges, Full/New Moon Hoops
What feeds your Soul?  I asked mine a few whiles back, and this is the list I got: