Rapid Eye Technology And Me
By Julia Fairchild

   My first experience with Rapid Eye Technology was somewhat unique, as I learned about it from a friend who had very recently been trained, and who didn’t yet feel confident in her abilities.  I thought it was her lack of confidence in herself which blocked my ability to respond to her attempts to run my negative emotions.  Usually, before a new technician is trained, they are required to have a minimum of twelve sessions, incorporating all of the basic techniques of the RET program.  Try as she might, I never felt any kind of response to anything she did.

   The purpose of having new technicians run their own sessions before they begin training is obvious. When one spends two solid weeks in an intensive therapeutic setting, issues WILL emerge.  It is important to be somewhat clear before one begins the training process, in order to best retain the voluminous amounts of material covered in the training.

   In my case, I had had virtually no Rapid Eye sessions before I presented for training in Oregon.  As a safeguard, Rapid Eye trainers always schedule one session with each new student before training begins, to assess their condition as regards presence of issues.  My session lasted four exhausting hours!  The next morning, during the first class, I immediately began to experience physical discomfort in the form of a severe migraine headache and nausea.  I escaped to the downstairs bathroom, and lay suffering on the cool concrete
floor..  A staff member came to assist me, and immediately cleared my discomfort!  I was amazed.

   Later, as we began training for the process of Neurological Integration, I was again without any sort of response.  I knew I had dissociative identities, and that my inner baby, "Sadie", had been quite present all morning.  When I repeatedly failed to respond, I reluctantly suggested that the student "ask for Sadie."  She did, and I immediately responded with the "breathing pupils"
which signal neurological integration.  We were both quite impressed; she because it was a novel idea, and I because I had been loathe to admit that I truly had anything "wrong" with me, or that I truly had "parts" who ran my show.  It was as if they were refusing to be ignored any longer, and took the opportunity to all sit back in a row and say, "Who.. . . me?"

   That was obviously a traumatic two weeks for me, as I came to terms with my issues in such a powerful way.  During that time, I had several sessions with trainers, and in one session, I was able to integrate nine separate parts, who each in turn "blinked out" and cried and moaned out their grief, and then formed a circle to "dance to the light", leaving only me, myself, and I
behind.  The "I Am", (or Julia); me, (left-brain) and myself (the emotional, or right-brained part).  The change was so definite and so profound that I came home from training and legally changed my name to "Julia Fairchild".  I was no longer any abusive man’s daughter or wife, but rather "Julia, Fair Child of God"

   For me, it was a miracle, the miracle of Rapid Eye, which finally helped me to complete a major phase of my integration process, and continues to help me in everyday processing.

   Three months after I returned from training, I hosted a workshop teaching a technique involving kinesiology and hypnosis, which I found to be very effective.  The trainer ran several sessions with me, and in one of those sessions, he muscle-tested the question, "Have you ever been molested by your father?" and the answer was "NO!" . (This particular trainer did not believe in child abuse or multiplicity, and was gratified at my answer.)  The question was then asked, "Is all of the transcript of left-hand writing truthful?" and the answer was "yes".

   Needless to say, I was thrown into a black hole of doubt.  For an entire month, I agonized over the question, "If the body never lies, then which time did it lie?  Was it all the times I suffered abreactions of unspeakable abuse in every part of my body, or was it the time my fingers denied any abuse?"  At the end of that month-long period, I attended a conference in San Francisco, addressing the issue of integration, entitled "From Multiplicity to Wholeness."

   Every aspect of the conference was a two-edged sword for me.  I related to every concept, and I wondered if any of it had anything to do with my lying self.  I had lost all faith in my ability to get truthful answers from any source.  I was miserable beyond words.  At the end of the conference, I stood alone, waiting for my companion, when a little voice whispered in my mind, and said, "Julia wasn’t there."

   It was at that moment that I understood the profound effect of Rapid Eye Technology.  My traumatized parts had literally "blinked to the light", and I was no longer, at a cellular level, a trauma-based individual.  "Julia wasn’t there."  Everything I had ever known or taught my clients had told me that the whole purpose of the gift of dissociation was to protect the SELF from the abuse.  She had been so well protected by those noble ones who had since "blinked to the light" that she had no cellular memory of abuse!  To this day, I am
moved to tears by the relief of the realization of that moment.

   The more I practice Rapid Eye, the more I learn about its amazing efficacy, the more grateful I am to have learned from and about it.  Every time I return to the Rapid Eye Institute for staffing, and renewal of my certification, I feel more confident in the myriad of exercises and tools available to the Rapid Eye Technician for every imaginable malady.

   As with any other tool, I am aware that Rapid Eye Technology is only one in an array, and that it is important for a helping professional to utilize intuition and skill in application of the tools and healing modalities available to them.  I am very grateful for the insight and understanding which the whole model of Rapid Eye Technology has added to my life..