Dissociative Identity Disorder ~
A Discussion of Prior Learning Experience
by Julia Fairchild ~ January, 1999, Antioch University, Santa Barbara, CA
Feel free to copy this paper and use the information herein in any helpful and healing  way.  If you're thinking of using it as a school paper, just remember that karma IS, and as you reap, so shall you sow.  Claiming these experiences as your own, unless they are, is not a recommended choice..
Lovingly, Julia Fairchild
What follows is a 20-page paper, written for credit in my degree in Psychology from Antioch University.

Because 20 typewritten pages is a cumbersome amount to place on one web page, I have divided the paper into sections as follows.
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I.  Defining DID
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II.  Helpful Tools:

III.  Multiple Personalities ~ Discovering Roles and Functions

IV.  Porcelain Bisque ~ An early descriptive poem

V.  Recovering Memories

VI.  The Concept of an intact "Self"

VII - Stages of Integration

VIII - Conclusion

IX - References