Section 8:  Conclusion
The internal system, which could be described by some as a "victim" of DID, to me can be described as an illustration of the divine dichotomy of how we relate to each other in the whole of mankind, as individual galaxies in the vastness of space, as ONE, as individuated cells, each with specific and unique intelligence to run the human body, as mankind.  While a person with DID may perceive of themselves as many, they are indeed only one.  While within their perceived many, there may be perpetrators and violators of the system, those parts are always of noble intent, though they may not have information or abilities to act in congruence with the perceived good of the whole.

Just as we must deal in our daily lives with those who, paralyzed by fear, refuse to see, who harden themselves to become like boulders in the flow of the river of life to the ocean of oneness, so too does a victim of early abuse learn to flow around the rigid, fear-filled parts until she can learn how to bring fluidity to the whole by use of the power of unconditional love and acceptance, and by honoring the noble intent of each and every part.  THIS then,  the purpose of life, is beautifully illustrated in the process of healing from catastrophic abuse, and can be experienced as a joyful, richly fulfilling endeavor for both the victim and her counselors.  

Just as I had feared it would,
the day dawned bright and cold.
The glue could stick no longer
The seams all lost their hold.

At first I couldn't pick them up;
the pieces lay in shards, and
scattered to the blowing winds
like a deck of playing cards.

I searched at first halfheartedly
not wanting to believe
the whispered scraps of evidence
my mind began to weave.

I only came to know the truth
by the Spirit's patient teaching
by gentle words of kind reproach,
and time and time beseeching.

The Spirit taught me first to see
that to receive the greatest gift
I must, as well, give credence to
the great, eternal rift.

That first I must embrace the fact
that evil does bear sway
in a world of relativity
where Love is the only way.

And then I tried to justify
the actions of my dad --
the teachings of his fathers
were what had made him bad.

The Voice then gently chided me,
and calling me by  name,
Pointed out the obvious.....
our teachings were the same.

And that became the turning point
from whence I understood --
it's not the circumstance that counts
but the choice for ill or good.

At last I could believe the things
my pieces had to tell.
The psychic walls came tumbling down
and the truth began to jell.

Those days were the loneliest
I hope I ever spend
as I set forth to do the work
of helping myselves mend.

I gathered every single piece
and peeled the paint and glue
uncovered all the hidden pain
and suffered it anew

I took my pieces to the Lord
and laid them at His feet
for I could find no mortal way
to make the edges meet.

I feared that I would ever be
in pieces on the floor
or that I'd have to wait till death
and rising, to be more.

But no, He gathered every single piece
and held them to his breast,
infusing them with love and light
til each formed with the rest.

He held me up to see myself
as I had been revamped
In place of porcelain sugar bowl,
was a leaded crystal lamp.

My simple form was exquisite,
each facet catching light;
reflecting out to others who
were searching in the night.

A guiding light he made of me
and set me on a hill;
a sparking beacon of His love,
for others broken still.

c 1996 Julia Fairchild
In conclusion, I would recap what I have learned in my experience as both a "victim" of DID and therapist to others who suffer the same.

In order to illustrate the process of integration of DID, I wrote an epilogue to Porcelain Bisque, which I would like to share here.