My hope, in sharing these musings, is to present a sort of kaleidoscope of ideas, possibilities, and metaphors to illustrate the concept of oneness throughout the cosmos, as in "As above, so below."  Hermetic alchemists of the Egyptian tradition spoke of this law, (As above, so below), meaning that in all levels of creation, each level is replicated below it and above it.

   Consider the possibility, as described in one of my favorite books, The Hathor Materials, by Tom Kenyon, that as the solar system is a movement of planets around the central sun, each living creature within the solar system is a galaxy unto itself, with each atom representing a solar system!  The central sun would be represented  as the nucleus, and the planets as electrons, spinning around.  Just as the solar system is mostly space, each living creature, as we know from quantum physics, is 99 percent "space".  Energetically speaking then, each individual human being (or any living creature) can be seen as a walking, moving, galaxy of stars!!

   At the other end of the spectrum, there’s the universe of intelligence present in every cell of every organ of our bodies.  As Norman Cousins says, in Head First, the Biology of Hope, "Not even the universe, with its countless billions of galaxies, represents greater wonder of complexity than the human brain.  The human brain is a mirror to infinity.  There is no limit to its range, scope, or capacity for creative growth".
Steve Rother, at,  suggests another perspective when he writes of the "cosmic joke".  He says, "We ask you to gaze upon the night sky and see the beauty of the stars as they shine reflecting light throughout the many other worlds out there similar to your own.  At this point your three dimensional understanding of the Universe tells you that you are nothing more than an infinitesimal speck of dust in the greatness of all that is.  Now as you continue to look upon the heavens we ask you to listen carefully for the great laughter that is so often over your shoulder.  You look upon the Universe and believe that you are reflective of all that is.  We tell you the truth is that the vastness of the Universe and the Universal flow of energy is a direct reflection of you.  You have been in a state of expansion since the game began for this was necessary for God to see Herself.  The Universe has efficiently emulated your actions.  Now you are beginning to re-unite with your own and each other’s higher selves in a wonderful re-membering process and that too will be emulated in the Universe." 

   Another illustration of the concept, "as above, so below" is illustrated in the science of "cryonics" demonstrated in Greg Braden’s video, "Awakening to Zero Point", wherein sound is injected into matter,  and the higher the frequency of sound, the more intricate a pattern spontaneously develops within the tray of matter.  In this case, mushroom spores were used, and intricate geometric designs emerged before our eyes, as the sound was introduced into the material.  A very close look showed that as the matter vibrated to the sound frequency, it did so in a spiral motion, closely resembling the pattern of a solar system.

   In yet another demonstration, showing crop circles, Braden discussed one which was a perfect picture of a "Mandelbrot set", a mathematical equation which demonstrates the interface between  chaos and order.  The "Mandelbrot set" is an intricate pattern which can be shown by computer graphics to repeat itself over and over into deeper and deeper levels.  I regret that explaining it in words is impossible to do, as it must be viewed  on the video to appreciate the intricacy and incredible connection between  this mathematical concept and its appearance as a crop circle.  The connection between the two concepts, of sound being introduced into matter, and the intricate patterns thereby created, also raises interesting possiblities as to how crop circles might be created with sound from "above". 

   What does any of this have to do with you or I?  I see each of these concepts as illustrations of the divine dichotomy of how we relate to each other in the whole of mankind, as individual galaxies in the vastness of space, as ONE, as individuated cells, each with specific and unique intelligence to run the complexities of the human body, as mankind, as unique individuals with no copy anywhere. . .the list goes on. 

For instance, within a society, perceived as many, there may be perpetrators and violators of the system, as well as their victims -- still another illustration of polarized and opposing parts of a whole.  As we come to see ourselves as ONE, we will do so by recognizing that every act, whether seemingly positive or negative,  is only energy until bent to our perception.  We may come to understand that those parts who seemingly act in opposition to the "good" of the whole may not have information or abilities to act in congruence with that good.  Yet,  if there were no darkness, there would be no need for light.  Darkness gives us definition, helps us to define who we are, in relation to "that".

Hence, even darkness can be perceived as a gift.   As we each seek the gift in every act, every spoken word, every thought, every situation, we come to realize that there is only one gift. "Evil" is "live" spelled backwards.  As above (light) so below (dark).  When we can each embrace the ups and downs, the light and dark, the good and bad of ourselves and one another, we will all come to sing one song, as a uni-verse, with the varied notes, both high and low, which give any melody voice.

   Thoughts have frequency, and higher frequency thoughts are those of love.

While it may seem that fear permeates every heart, if we dive to the center of our fear, illuminating fear with love, with understanding, with acceptance, we automatically raise the frequency as the fear dissipates. Darkness gives way to light, the source from which we all emanate.  Let us take joy in increasing the frequency ever higher, creating ever more intricate patterns of love in our wake.

As Above, So Below

By Julia Fairchild